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Bill Black's Personal Items Going Up For Auction!

Description: 1960 Fender Precision Bass & Case Owned and Played by the Legendary Bill Black. As a classic icon of Rockabilly, Bill Black was one of the first bass players to adopt the Fender Precision Bass (often known as a "P Bass") guitar. Offered here is one of Black's beloved instruments -- a beautiful playing bass with a nice Brazilian slab board and a slim fretboard angle. The fretboard is a dream! A few touch ups on the back of the body are nicely done. There is some checking and one worn area near the bridge, but the bass is 100% original. The pots date to the 47th week of 1959 and the instrument was probably manufactured in January 1960. The neck has never been off the guitar. A fabulous instrument even aside from the amazing provenance. Black's career started at the age of sixteen playing acoustic guitar in local bars in his hometown of Memphis. By 1952 he had hooked up with guitarist Scotty Moore and by 1954 the duo of Black and Moore was formed in

Elvis' 48 Humes Library Card Up For Auction (Again)!

Elvis Presley Signed Humes High School Library Card (1948). It may be Elvis' earliest Memphis "autograph"! It's a Humes High School library card, signed in 1948 by the 13-year old future celebrity shortly after the Presley family moved to Memphis from Tupelo, Mississippi. The card was originally discovered by a Humes High School librarian while clearing some old books from inventory. The book was The Courageous Heart: A Life of Andrew Jackson for Young Readers (The Bobbs-Merrill Company, copyright 1934), a copy of which we've included here. As a bonus, also included are commemorative copies of two Humes High School Yearbooks, one from 1953 (Elvis' senior year), the other from 1957, which has a special full page photo of Elvis complete with stamped autograph and a dedication from the new (since 1953) superstar to his alma mater. The original copy of the 1953 yearbook belonged to one of Elvis' classmates who had Elvis' sign near his photo. Accompanied by

Michael Jackson's Mom Comments on Lisa & MJ's Marriage

"It was a surprise for me, he called me after he had married her," Katherine said, saying that Michael put Lisa Marie on the phone to speak with her, though she didn't believe at first that she was actually talking to Presley. "She had a heavy voice and I didn't know that," she said, adding in a whisper (and yielding some laughs from Winfrey), "She sounded like a black girl."

Is Lisa Headed Back To The Good Ole US Of A?

Lisa Marie Presley is planning to return to America despite having only just moved to the UK. The daughter of Elvis Presley shelled out £8million three months ago for an 11-bedroom mansion near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and moved in with her daughter Riley, 21, son Benjamin, 18, and her two-year-old twin daughters Harper and Finley. But Benjamin has already returned to LA saying he does not like England, and a friend of Lisa, 42, has said that she 'cannot take much more of the country' and 'she just wants to go home'. Lisa was under pressure from her mother, Priscilla, not to relocate to the UK. C'mon home Lisa, there's no place like home!