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James Burton asks for prayers for son Jeff Burton

From James Burton and family: Jeff had good reports from Vanderbilt in Nashville in January and was allowed to come home until early June. He has been doing good until 2 days ago. He coughed and bit his tongue and it wouldn't quit bleeding. He is in ICU and had a platelet count of 14.(normal is 150 to 200). He also had blood pressure over 200 and they were afraid of another heart attack. He stopped bleeding but his platelet count is still only 21. His blood pressure has lowered but still borderline. I am giving details so you will know exactly what is going on and know what to pray for. I am asking again for your prayers because your prayers with FAITH is what has saved Jeff so many times and Jeff wants to live!!! GOD hears your prayers not just for Jeff but for everything you are praying for. HE is the ONLY power that can perform MIRACLES!!! Thank you ❤️ GOD BLESS YOU ALL, James & Louise Burton Please keep Jeff and his Mama and Daddy, James Burton and Louise Burto