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Here's What Priscilla Presley's son and Lisa Marie Presley's Brother thinks of Elvis Presley Fans.....

Brothers and sisters fight, we say stupid things to each other but when the smoke settles, we move on. We will always love our brothers and sisters no matter what. Lisa and Navarone are no different. But when I read these comments above about Elvis Presley fans , it made me wonder..... So much of it sounds like what many of us have been speculating about the NEW "EPE" and Weinshaky recently said similar in an interview with Variety magazine. So, my question is IF Priscilla's son feels this way and the owner of EPE feels this way, why are we still giving them our money? I think Navarone is a talented young man on his own and his words about his sister are unkind and hurtful. Especially wishing her dead. Saying it on social media and then telling people, it's none of their business is a bit hypocritical. And above all childish. But as I said, siblings fight and these two will make up and go on with life. That's what family does. So for me, that's not