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Streisand and Elvis Duet- Seriously?

For the life of me I can not figure out why any real Elvis fan would be excited about this. I will NEVER listen to this duet. C'mon guys, you are sell outs! We all know from various sources for MANY years, EP did not like Streisand . Stop drinking the Kool Aid EPE is selling you! Elvis was the King of Rock n Roll not easy listening! A friend of mine recently pointed out how Elvis is now lumped in with Tony Bennett on those late night Time life infomercials. Elvis is becoming irrelevant and WE fans are accepting it! Let's not allow history to be recreated. We want Elvis' legacy to be properly preserved for future generations, don't we? Am I alone here? Geez it's bad enough EPE wants to take your hard earned dollars that you should be putting away for retirement to build their hotel. The rewards you get are laughable. If they sought investors, each would get a percentage of profits. Yet fans investing get what? An advanced offer to give them MORE money. What