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Cricket Coulter @ Elvis Week 2011

During Elvis Week 2011, Cricket Coulter , best known to Elvis fans as the girl in That's The Way It Is , spoke at the Elvis Week Wrap Up Party. Cricket was a super fan who followed Elvis around from California, Vegas & Memphis. She knew Elvis for 11 years. The Wrap Up party took place on August 16th, 2011 hosted by Patsy Andersen at the Clarion East hotel, located at 6101 Shelby Oaks Drive, Memphis, TN. Other guests included Judd Phillips ( Sam Phillips nephew ), Rose Clayton ( author of Dr. Nick's book and other books ), Bill Black's children , Louis and Nancy , Jerry Presley ( cousin ), and Will McDaniel ( Elvis called him Bardahl ). For those of us who have been attending Elvis Week since the beginning, this event was very much like the classic Fan Club Presidents Luncheons. And for some of the fans who have recently started attended Elvis Week, they said they wished the official Elvis Week events were like this one. Lots of fun and laughs. Catching