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Chris Stapleton on Howard Stern (Video)

Amazing interview with Chris Stapleton on Howard Stern. This won't be up long, so listen while you can! Forward to exactly 16 minutes and the interveiw is just under an hour. I think the next time Chris comes in the studio with Howard, this will go to another level. I love to hear Chris laugh, there is only one other man with a better laugh and that is Elvis Presley. Highlights for me: While talking about Chris' beard, Howard says, "In New York, people probably think you're Hasidim." Don't think Chris knew what that meant. It seemed to go over his head. But very funny! Talking about Adele covering his song, If It hadn't Been For Love, Adele's bus driver was playing Chris doing this with the Steel Drivers, and Adele heard it. She made a youtube video covering it. Chris says, This is before Adele was ADELE. Talking about being nervous at gigs, Chris says he is a little nervous now with Howard, Howard says, " I know what it is, You never