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Actors everywhere rejoice about Elvis and Nixon film - this fan not so much!

Here is a bit of an article from Newsweek  which I feel the need to challenge. Who wore it best? Newsweek :  The hair is immediately recognizable, the outfit unmistakable: It’s Elvis—except he’s taller, skinnier and looks nothing like the King. BIM :  Really? REALLY? Taller and skinnier? Let's remember Elvis has a coat wrapped around his shoulders in the photos.Outfit unmistakable? Come on.....MS is wearing a typical ETA outfit while Elvis is decked out! I do agree MS looks NOTHING like Elvis. NOTHING! One of the LEAST attractive actors to play the MOST HANDSOME MAN EVER????? While Magic Mike HUNK plays Jerry? Read on for the media spin.....Don't be fooled! Newsweek :  When Michael Shannon signed on to star in Elvis & Nixon, he was “not a huge Elvis Presley aficionado.” The actor, known for his creepily intense portrayals in theater (Bug), television (Boardwalk Empire) and movies (Revolutionary Road), admits he isn’t great at mimicry, and, to be honest, even

Margo Price - Hurtin' on the bottle (VIDEO)

I saw Margo Price on SNL 2 weeks ago and was hooked! Thought I'd share her with you because she's so AMAZING!!!! Killer voice! We'll be writing more about her. She's one to watch! She's not a wannabe pop star using country music to be heard. she is COUNTRY! Margo Price

Tammy Wynette - 1971 Columbia Records Promo (VIDEO)

Tammy Wynette - 1971 Columbia Records Promo. Really cool look at Nashville in 1971 as well!