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Lisa Marie Presley - Not Bad, Not Her Dad says the NY Post

‘It’s a short set,” Lisa Marie Presley apologized from the Gramercy Theatre stage Thursday night. “I want to drag it out.” Presley wasn’t kidding. Backed by a tight five-piece band, she played just 10 songs — her new album, “Storm & Grace,” has 11 — and between songs, and sometimes during them, she looked unsure about what to do with herself, seeming happiest when keeping time with a mini-tambourine (on “Over Me”) or hitting tom-toms with mallets (on “Un-Break”). Presley’s nervousness is understandable, simply because she is who she is. Being Elvis’ daughter is a lot to live up to on any stage, even at a smaller show at a venue like the Gramercy, which has room for 500. Dave Alloca/Starpix Lisa Marie Presley bears an unmistakable vocal resemblance to her father—and has solid songs to work with—but displayed little of his stage presence at her Gramercy Theatre show. As expected, a fair number of showgoers — particularly European visitors — were there to genuf