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Nick Adams daughter - Allyson Adams special guest @ Elvis Week 2012

Allyson Adams , daughter of actor Nick Adams , will share stories during the 2012 Official Elvis Insiders Conference from her father's new book that spotlights the time he spent with Elvis in 1956. Elvis was filming his first movie in Hollywood, "Love Me Tender," when he introduced himself to Nick Adams, who was a struggling actor and part of the "Rebel Without A Cause" gang. Nick was infamous for writing about his famous friends and now Allyson Adams has published her fathers' posthumous, unedited manuscript, "The Rebel & The King." The new book is an inspirational portrait of a spiritual Elvis and describes Nick Adams’ whirlwind eight days in Memphis during the famous performer's Tupelo Homecoming in the summer of '56. The Elvis Insiders' Conference is a full-day of special programming including featured guests, videos, and more. Other confirmed guests include: Jerry Schilling, Egil "Bud" Krogh, Tom and Billie Per

Elvis & Priscilla Presley - Dynamic Duo on Today Show

Click on photo to enlarge Elvis and Priscilla Presley were featured as part of a trivia question on the Today Show this week. The question was based on Dynamic Duos! Elvis and Priscilla was not the correct answer! The answer was Lucy and Desi Arnaz . Lucy was actually 6 years older than Desi . When they married, they fibbed on their marriage license, stating Lucy was 3 years younger and Desi was 3 years older , making them the same age! Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee Gifford Earlier this week, Regis Philbin co-hosted the 4th hour of NBC's the Today Show with Kathy Lee . Reg was filling in for Hoda . Regis and Kathy Lee co-hosted The Morning Show and later known as LIVE! with Regis and Kathy Lee on ABC for 15 years! They received 11 Emmy Nominations ! It was great seeing this dynamic duo back together again. It would be nice to have Regis back on tv daily either on the Today show or even better, get rid of that Piers Morgan , and put Regis in Larry K

Lisa Marie Presley @ the Fine Line Cafe

Click on photo to enlarge Lisa Marie Presley performed at the Fine Line Cafe in Minnesota, MN on June 19th. Our friends Chuck & Diane met Lisa after the show and sent us this photo. Over Chuck's shoulder, you can see Lisa's husband, Michael Lockwood. Opening for Lisa Marie was Tim Mahoney , a former contestant on NBC's The Voice . Chuck says they were really impressed with Lisa's new CD and her performance. He says Lisa has really improved since her last tour 7 years ago and all for the better! Chuck brought along some photos from Lisa's 1997 appearance at Elvis The Concert for her to sign. They chatted about Memphis and Lisa told Chuck, she'll see him in Memphis this august;) Chuck said Lisa Marie was a delight to meet, very friendly and talkative despite the fact that her people were telling her, her kids were acting up in the car outside. And as with all of her shows before, no photographs were to be taken during her performance. Chu