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Thank You, Thank You Very Much EPE!

During Elvis Week, I bought this EW 13 t-shirt. It was still in the shopping bag when I unpacked my things in Nashville just after Elvis Week. I took the shirt out to wash and noticed a hole in the back of the shirt. I contacted EPE who immediately responded with apologies. Sadly, they had no more shirts! They were completely SOLD OUT! So now I had to make the choice, return the shirt for a refund or keep the shirt with the hole. I needed to sleep on that one. It was a hard decision because I have every ELVIS WEEK t-shirt since the 10th anniversary. Well, I decided to return it. Maybe it was a sign it was time to stop collecting the shirts. So I went to the post office in Nashville & sent it back to Graceland. And then EPE contacted me, they had gone out of their way to locate another shirt for me. I was beyond happy! And it quickly arrived in the mail via UPS. So I wanted to share this with you all. EPE was extremely helpful, apologized and solved this for me immediately. I know I

Thank You Elvis Friends!

Words can not begin to express my families' gratitude to the Elvis World . Your flowers, mass cards, calls, emails, cards and prayers have uplifted us. You have all stood by me and my family. And I can not thank you enough. I don't use these 3 words often, but I LOVE YOU ALL! It was very hard to watch my father suffer so badly but I am so grateful my brother Michael & I were there to say goodbye, let him know it was ok to go and that we love him always! This is long overdue, I've started this post many times.... it's been difficult these past 6 months but I still want everyone to know we love you and thank you! Your incredible support even now has been overwhelming. I am truly grateful to have you all in my life. I am so blessed. First, my amazing mother whose strength and courage we can only admire. Secondly, my best friend for 25 years, Brian B and his sister Karen who were there for us every step of the way. I can not imagine a day without you, m