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Jan Shepard Talks About The Day Elvis Met Brando!

In this part of our interview with Jan Shepard, she tells us the story about the day Elvis Presley met his idol, Hollywood legend Marlon Brando!

Major TV Documentary Mini Series on Elvis Presley In The Works! has exclusively learned that a major documentary mini series on Elvis Presley is in the works. This mini series will air on a major US broadcast network possibly in 2012. The documentary will air in several parts on consecutive nights. The documentary series promises to be THE ultimate docu-series on the life of Elvis Presley. The documentary will be like none we have ever seen before. It will include unseen footage and photos of Elvis as well as concert and movie outtakes. We'll bring you more on this story soon! UPDATE : This Documentary has NOTHING to do with Red West and although EPE is not willing to confirm this documentary, I stand by my story and my sources. Now that their previous commitments include Viva Elvis have been completed, producers are currently shopping around for rare and unseen footage of Elvis Presley for this major documentary. This will a be monster project and my sources tells me they are definately persuing this project. So take it for