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Elvis Presley's Memphis is Spectacular!

The fans have spoken and they are LOVING the new complex! Priscilla Presley is an amazing host. She is so graceful and well spoken. And no one knows Elvis like Priscilla. Despite all she is going through, Priscilla was right there in Memphis with the fans for the opening of the new complex. And I bet Elvis could not be any prouder. it's amazing to hear Priscilla tell the fans in her owns and memories of standing in Graceland with Elvis and looking out to what is NOW the complex compared to what it was! Between the guesthouse and now the new complex, EPE has brought 200 jobs to Whitehaven. And 75 percent of those jobs have gone to Whitehaven citizens according to Jack Soden. Hey, I might not always agree with all things EPE, but this is very cool! I love how Joel says Elvis would have built a guesthouse for his fans. Yes, he would BUT he wouldn't have LIED and said it would be Super 8 prices and t hen it turns out to be beyond Peabody prices. Elvis would no