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14 year old Owen Mac rendition of Elvis Presley's A Fool Such As I will give you GOOSE BUMPS!

14 year old Owen Mac is fast becoming Ireland's newest Country Music SUPERSTAR! This young man is refreshing. What a great role model for young adults. Most young men desiring a music career today, either wear their pants around their ankles and try to gain fame by behaving badly or they wear skinny jeans and rap in their songs claiming it is country. That's not the case with Owen. He truly loves Country Music! And that is very apparent in his music. He loves many Irish Country Artists such as Big Tom and Jimmy Buckley. He also loves Gene Watson . What did I tell you? Huh? This young man is not only talented, he's got good taste too! This rendition of Elvis Presley's A Fool Such As I gave me goose bumps. Owen does not try to sound like Elvis. He sings the song in his own way which is gorgeous. And let me just add, Owen sings various country songs. He is a TRUE country artist. That's hard to find these days. This young man is on his way to being a h