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Louisiana Hayride, Elvis & James Burton

There's an auditorium in the city of Shreveport that played a huge roll in launching the careers of some of this country's greatest musicians. In the 1950's, almost everyone had heard of the Louisiana Hayride. Today, the memories of those great performers still echo through the old building. "It is said that if you were to have stood in this building at the right moment in time, that you would have actually seen the music change, the face of music change for the whole country, right in the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium because of people like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and of course Elvis Presley," says Teresa Micheels with the auditorium. It was 1954 when Elvis made his first appearance on the Louisiana Hayride, a weekly live concert that was broadcast on radio from the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport. KWKH radio announcer Frank Page introduced the young singer. In an oral history recorded for LSU Shreveport, Page talks about the decision to put Elvi

Which Trial Outcome was more shocking - OJ Simpson or Casey Anthony?

  OJ Simpson 1996 Trial Casey Anthony Trial - Today <a href="">Online Surveys -</a>

Casey Anthony jury has reached a verdict!

Caylee Anthony - Top Right Mother Casey Anthony Casey Anthony was found Not guilty ! Today, there was no justice for Caylee ! Rest in peace, sweet angel! America is outraged today! One person said they believed the only 12 people on earth who believe Casey is innocent were on that jury! The jury declined to speak to the media.

Niko Congiu - Italian Singing Sensation!

Niko performed with a choir during the 45th Annual Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon at the South Point in September of 2010. While visiting with producer Steve Binder , he shared some of Niko 's music with me. I was totally blown away by his voice. So now you check out Niko and see why Steve Binder is THE MAN! Please check out Italian singing star NIKO  , Official website of international performer Niko Congiu. He's an absolute incredible talent! He's an Italian singing sensation! Niko's Bio: Every so often an artist is discovered with a voice so rare and a gift so pure. Most of today’s music is overproduced and prepackaged; marketed with glitz and glamour that more often than not, doesn’t live up to the hype it claims to be. From a small town in Italy, we are reminded of what real talent sounds like – his name is Nicola “Niko” Congiu . Born in Sardinia, Italy, Niko grew up knowing that he would become a performer. This self taught musician beg

Memphis Police Officer Timothy Warren Remembered

Widow Mourns Fallen Officer: HLN's Nancy Grace also paid tribute to Memphis police officer, Timothy Warren last night. She reported he was 39, leaves behind a wife and 2 kids. He was an 8 year veteran police officer. The Warren family is in our thoughts and prayers as well as the Memphis police who lost a brother. Timothy gave his life to keep Memphis safe. He is a true hero. God bless him! And Thank You to the many men & women on the Memphis police force who risk their lives daily!

G I Blues - The Alternative Album Version

G I Blues - The Alternative Album Version  is due out on August 8th from the Memphis Recording Service label. This new release features 26 outtakes and movie versions, 19 of the outtakes which were previously released for the first time officially on the Memphis Recording Service 4 CD set The Cafe Europa Sessions and the remaining 7 tracks are all previously unreleased original movie soundtrack versions. Tracklist : CD (58 mins 43 secs) THE ALTERNATIVE ALBUM 1. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 9) 2. What´s She Really Like (Take 13) 3. Frankfort Special (Take 8) 4. Wooden Heart (Take 4) 5. G.I. Blues (Master) 6. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 8) 7. Shoppin´ Around (Take 10) 8. Big Boots (Fast Version; Take 5) 9. Didja´ Ever (Master) 10. Blue Suede Shoes (Master) 11. Doin´ The Best I Can (Master) 12. Tonight's All Right For Love (Master) THE ALTERNATIVE OUTAKES 13. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 7) 14. Shoppin´ Around (Version 2; Take 2) 15. Frankfort Special (Fast

The Las Vegas Hilton - Shape Up Or Lose The Hilton Name!

The Las Vegas Hilton has fallen on hard times, not getting the respect it did during those years when it was Elvis’s home away from home. So the keepers of the rights to use of the Hilton name decided last week the time had come to take action. The "big Hilton," as the resort with its 30,000-plus rooms and suites has been known to generations of locals and visitors will lose rights to the use of the Las Vegas Hilton name and marquee as of the end of the year, unless … And this is where the guessing and speculation by sources familiar with Hilton operations begins. "There’s a lot of deferred maintenance over there," according to one of several former Las Vegas Hilton executives who shared their thoughts on the condition they not be identified. This source continued, "It’s in the wrong place at the wrong time for a property that requires a lot of tender loving care and maintenance." A fact that puts it in the same category as a number of other l