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Johnny Harra Passed Away

We first heard the news that Johnny Harra had possibly passed away yesterday. It has now been confirmed. Johnny Harra was an American Elvis impersonator. He began impersonating Elvis at the age of 11 and was cast as the 42 year old Elvis Presley in the 1981 docudrama This Is Elvis.Harrra, one of five actors to portray Elvis in the movie, was featured in two scenes from the re-enactment of August 16, 1977, filmed at Graceland. He also starred as a Vegas headliner for many years before battling with diabetes and arthritis. After many years in seclusion he returned to the stage before the 25th anniversary of Elvis' death. Johnny Harra has been featured in many newspapers and magazines, and on national TV shows like Merv Griffin, Johnny Carson and Dick Clark. Johnny traveled internationally performing his “Profiles of Presley” show. Johnny died on March 30, 2011. Johnny Harra, king of Elvis impersonators, dies in Dallas Dallas News Johnny Harra was Elvis longer than Elvis.

Zsa Zsa Gabor Fears Death!

Radaronline reports that Zsa Zsa Gabor and her husband were watching tv when the news of Elizabeth Taylor's passing came on tv. Zsa Zsa got so upset that she had to be rushed back into the hospital. Gabor, 94 who had been friends with Elizabeth for many years is said to have gone hysterical upon learning of her friend's death. Zsa Zsa said, "celebrities go in threes. And I'm next." She was referring to the recent deaths of both Jane Rusell and Elizabeth Taylor. Her husband says her blood pressure went through the roof so he called an ambulance. And she remains hospitialized. Zsa Zsa is also still struggling with an infection in her leg, the other had been amputated.

Elvis Presley's Former Girlfriend Wants 2 Write Ballad 4 Idol Contestant!

Linda Thompson & Elvis Presley Elvis Presley's former beauty queen girlfriend Linda Thompson has stated that she wants to write a ballad for current American Idol contestant, Pia Toscano . Linda calls Pia a star! See video below of Pia . Don't know who Linda Thompson is? She's a former beauty queen, girlfriend of Elvis Presley , ex-wife to Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner & producer David Foster. But outside of the Elvis realm, she is probably best known as Brody Jenner 's mom (pictured below). And being a mom seems to be her proudest accomplishment! Avril Lavigne celebrated the release of her new album, 'Goodbye Lullaby,' at NYC hotspot SL on March 8 with boyfriend Brody Jenner, Jenner's step-sister, Kim Kardashian, and Kardashian's boyfriend, Kris Humphries.

Trial 4 killer of Security Guard @ Southland Mall on EP Blvd Continues

Here's another reason why the area around Graceland and Whitehaven needs major improvements. Imagine being a tourist who is unaware of the crime stats in the Graceland area, and you go up Elvis Presley Blvd to the Southland Mall to pick up something you forgot and you are in the middle of the scene above.In this video from last year, a 28 year old former Marine working as a security guard at the mall is shot dead in the middle of the afternoon. A young man who served our country, and protected citizens in the line of duty should not be dead at the age of 28. God Bless his family. The citizens and local businesses that have remained in Whitehaven also deserve a safe community. This is not to scare anyone away from traveling to Memphis but just to remind everyone that although we are vacation, we need to be aware of our surroundings at all times! Be careful when traveling to Memphis or anywhere. Do not assume because it's Elvis Week , you're safe! Complete story

Baby, It's You! Shirelles Broadway Musical Previews March 26th

The cast of BABY IT'S YOU talks about their new musical and performs some of the show's best songs at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. Presenting the first look into the upcoming Broadway musical BABY IT'S YOU! The inspiring story of New Jersey housewife Florence Greenberg whose 1958 discovery of The Shirelles turned her into the music industry's first female powerhouse. BABY, IT'S YOU! starts previews on Broadway March 26th. Learn more at

Child Sex Slave Trafficking Happening in Memphis

Memphis, Tenn. - Children being held captive and sold for sex, some call it modern day slavery and it's happening right here in Memphis and the Mid-South. In Brief: - TN lawmakers are calling on a full scale investigation of child sex trafficking. - International child-sex traffic ring busted in Memphis in 2008. - Sex with children is being advertised on common websites. Child-Sex Traffic Ring Bust in Memphis The FBI has been investigating human trafficking for years. Now the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has been asked by lawmakers to find out how big of a problem it really is. The images are shocking but the details behind child trafficking are even harder to stomach. "It's more serious than most people realize," said Ryan Dalton with Operation Broken Silence. In 2008, Memphis federal officials were awarded for dismantling an international child sex-trafficking ring. One victim told investigators, at age 13, she was smuggled from Mexico with

Priscilla Presley Discusses Being Married To Elvis on The Talk

Priscilla Presley shares the challenges of being married to Elvis Presley and why she says he was easy to mother. Plus, life together after their divorce.

Priscilla Presley Discusses Family Life On The Talk

Delta Cuts Memphis Flights

Listen up Memphis travelers...we have good news and bad news. The bad news is Delta has cut Memphis flights. And the good news is Southwest airlines may very well merge with Airtran. The Commercial Appeal reports Southwest Airlines buyout of AirTran, potential balm to Memphis International Airport's losses to a Delta Air Lines downsizing, moved a step closer to reality Wednesday. AirTran shareholders approved a proposed $1.4 billion sale to Southwest Airlines, leaving federal antitrust clearance as the last hurdle. Southwest and AirTran want to close the deal in the second quarter and merge operations over time. AirTran, with four flights daily from Memphis to Atlanta, would have sole occupancy of Terminal A once Delta completes a 25-percent departure reduction and consolidates gates into Terminal B at Memphis. The potential to bring in Southwest and inject more competition into the Memphis fare structure wasn't lost on airport, business and tourism officials. Delta s

Elizabeth Taylor's Final Resting Place - UPDATED!

Elizabeth Taylor's Final Resting Place Update: March 24th 6:45PM TMZ has obtained Elizabeth Taylor's death certificate which states she will in fact be entombed at Forest Lawn, Glendale, the same cemetary as her dear friend, Michael Jackson and not next to her parents in Westwood as previously reported. Elizabeth Taylor's Death Certificate The private funeral service is being held now, TMZ reports only family and close friends will be attending. Click below to watch video of the limos arriving for her service. Video of the limos arriving for Elizabeth Taylor funeral A public service is being planned and we'll update when we have more information.

Marian Cocke's 20th Annual Elvis Presley Memorial Dinner

The 20th EPMD will be on August 12, 2011 and tickets are already on sale Cost will remain at $85.00 and tables will be reserved as is our custom - If you have groups of friends who would like to sit together - please send all checks for that table at the same time. My preference is that you send a sase to have your tickets returned. The event will be at the Peabody Hotel Grand Ballroom Mezzanine A beautifully appointed dinner will be served followed by a memorial service to remember Elvis . This candlelight service lasts about 15 minutes and will then be followed by entertainment. If you would like to be a part of the memorial service YOU MUST ATTEND PRACTICE WHICH STARTS AT 12:00 noon - PLEASE BE ON TIME. Marian Cocke 784 Pecan Gardens Circle East Memphis TN 38122 (901) 324 9612 E-mail Marian At:

Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin Premieres March 24th

'Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' The days when Memphis wrestling first got hugely popular in the Sputnik Monroe era, all the way through the ’70s when Jerry Lawler and “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart were the big names in Memphis . It will premiere at Malco Paradiso with shows at 7 and 9 on March 24, and then will have a week-long run at Studio on the Square beginning the 25th. To commemorate the film, March 24 is being named National Sputnik Monroe Day. Event details Place: Malco Paradiso Date: Thursday, March 24, 2011 Time: 9 p.m.

Dear President Eisenhower - Please Don't Cut Elvis' Hair!

When Elvis Presley was inducted into the U.S. Army in 1958, three female fans sent a letter to President Dwight Eisenhower asking him to not cut the young rocker’s hair. Whether the President received the letter is unknown, but the future King of Rock-n-Roll did have his locks cut at Camp Chaffee on March 25, 1958. The letters and other National Archives materials related to Elvis’ Army years will be presented to the Chaffee Barbershop Museum at Chaffee Crossing on Thursday, and the 53rd anniversary of the haircut heard ‘round the world will be held Friday at the museum. During a presentation held at 3 p.m. Thursday (Mar. 24), Bryan McGraw from the National Archives’ St. Louis Records Center and U.S. Sen. John Boozman, R-Rogers, will transfer the letter from the female fans and will transfer the care of digital copies of Presley’s army records, over 100 pages total, for eventual display at the Chaffee Barbershop Museum. “These gifts from the National Archive represent the depth of

Barry Manilow & Elvis Share Residency Record In Las Vegas

Barry Manilow and Elvis Presley are now tied for the seven year residency record which Elvis solely held all these years. Manilow  celebrates his first anniversary of shows at the Paris this weekend. He formerly was playing at Elvis' old stomping ground, The Las Vegas Hilton for five years. Barry is hoping to do better with the string of consecutive years of Las Vegas performances. His two-year Paris contract is up renewal in the next few months, and hotel execs and he are hoping to renew for another two. Barry is said to be very happy and content in Las Vegas.

Elvis & UFOS

E! Online reports that ex- Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar discussed in his recent book how he was abducted by aliens near Fontana, Calif.. Hagar claimed that the aliens "downloaded" information from his brain to see what all he knew. Hagar claims that there was a mysterious spaceship with two creatures inside of it, and they connected to his brain using some sort of wireless connection. Although Hagar does not remember details of the incident, he insists it was real because it was daylight and not a dream. Female First reports that Elvis Presley told his friend Larry Geller , who later became his spiritual mentor, that he had encountered aliens when he was 8. Presley explained that he was contacted by two aliens telepathically and they showed him his future, including how he would become famous one day. Another time Presley encountered aliens was when he was in his famous Graceland house; he experienced lights turning on and off for no reason. These lights were in the fie

Cowboy Jack Clement Talks About Jerry Lee Lewis

In The Ghetto - Elvis' Music Featured on Harry's Law

Last week's episode of Harry's Law featured Elvis Presley singing, In The Ghetto . Harry's Law stars fellow Memphian, Kathy Bates .She plays a copyright lawyer who opens a new Law practice/shoe store in a low income neighborhood. It's a great show!Now made even better since incorporating Elvis Presley's song, In The Ghetto into such a strong scene in the show. It is guaranteed to touch your heart! If you missed the show,US residents can watch the full episode above. Harry's Law airs Monday nights @ 10 PM EST on NBC.

Cowboy Jack Clement & Special Guests @ The Belcourt Theatre

On March 31, Cowboy Jack Clement will be playing at The Belcourt in Nashville. If you're in town, be sure to check out this show! Belcourt Theatre Americana Night featuring the legendary Cowboy Jack Clement, Riders in the Sky, Chuck Mead, Doc J.J. Johnson, Belmont University's Bluegrass Ensemble, and other special guests.

Video of Priscilla Presley's Bieber Fever!

Read our original story in the links below: Priscilla Presley Has Bieber Fever Priscilla Presley Makes Plea for Elvis On Glee

The Commercial Appeal Weighs In On Graceland

Commercial Appeal Editorial: Disappointment in Whitehaven Expansion of Graceland is on hold, but that must not dampen the city's efforts to improve the surrounding area.News that plans for a makeover of Graceland have been put on indefinite hold probably have many Whitehaven residents shaking their heads in disappointment. The $250 million plan announced in 2007 was seen as the catalyst to bring quality retail and eateries back to the Elvis Presley Boulevard corridor. Now a bad capital funds market resulting from the still-recovering economy has led Graceland's landlord, CKx Inc., to announce in its annual report that the makeover, if it ever takes place, is years away. That's not only a blow to Whitehaven, but also a break in the synergy that city and tourism officials are trying to build between current and future tourist attractions such as a redeveloped fairgrounds, Beale Street Landing, Memphis Zoo, Beale Street, Shelby Farms, Bass Pro Shops and the Pinch, and the

Elvis & Priscilla Reference On HBO's BIG LOVE

On last week's eposide of HBO 's Big Love , Margene is being questioned by the police about her age (16) when she married Bill. Margene says her trailer-park mother encouraged her to “go for it” with Bill because Priscilla Presley was 15 when she married Elvis . Actually, Priscilla was 21 when she married Elvis. Big Love is an American television drama on HBO about a fictional fundamentalist Mormon family in Utah that practices polygamy. Big Love currently stars Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloë Sevigny, Ginnifer Goodwin, Douglas Smith, Bruce Dern, Grace Zabriskie, Mary Kay Place, Matt Ross, and Cassi Thomson . Big Love wraps up tonight with it's final eposide after 5 seasons. Big Love airs on HBO tonight @ 9 PM EST.

Don't Miss Priscilla Presley Monday On The Talk

On Monday, Priscilla Presley will be a guest on the new afternoon talk show, The Talk . The show which is a talk show similiar to The View features Sharon Osbourne ( Ozzy's wife), Leah Remini ( best known for King of Queens), Julie Chen ( news anchor & wife to Les Moonves, President of CBS), Sara Gilbert ( Sister to Melissa Gilbert, and best known as Darlene on Roseanne), and Holly Robinson Peete ( featured on Celebrity Apprentice, 21 Jump Street & married to NFL quarterback, Rodney Peete). Leah Remini is a fellow Scientologist as is Lisa Marie so I suspect she will be very friendly with Priscilla. Sharon (I hope) will go there and talk about being married to rock stars. But somehow I think this will just be a quick plug for her jewelry line. We shall see Monday! The show airs live on CBS at 2 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Elvis Presley's Former Hillcrest Home Has Been Leased

Elvis' Beverly Hills Home The 1958 gated compound includes a recently remodeled four-bedroom main house, pool and spa. Elvis' view The gated Beverly Hills compound that was once home to Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla has been leased for $20,000 a month. The French Regency-style estate, built in 1958, sits on 1.18 acres in the Trousdale Estates area. Recently remodeled, the 5,367-square-foot house has new flooring, a new kitchen and laundry room, and a resurfaced pool and spa. A guesthouse is attached to the four-bedroom, five-bathroom main home. Here's how the interior of the home looks today: Elvis' hillcrest home for lease 25 grand

Whitehaven Speaks Out About Graceland's Change Of Heart

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - For about a year, residents in Whitehaven have been looking forward to some major changes in their neighborhood. Changes they thought would bring in more revenue but this week everything changed. In Brief: -Graceland pulls out of makeover for neighborhood surrounding Graceland. -Whitehaven business owners were counting on revitalization. - CKX, the owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises says the economy is the reason they had to change it's course. "I think it's unfortunate that they would come up with some excuses. It seems that every time it comes to our communities there's some excuse, rational reason why things can't get done, be done," Reverend Stanford L. Hunt at Beahler Baptist. The plan would've provided a makeover for the area surrounding Graceland, including a new heartbreak hotel but CKX, the owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises says the economy is the reason they had to change it's course. "Everybody knows the e

Angie Marchese On Fox Showing New Exhibits

  St. Louis has a rich musical heritage. The city is home to everyone from Chuck Berry to Nelly to Scott Joplin. But you need to drive south on interstate 55 to find the home of the legendary Elvis Presley. Angie Marchese has come all from Graceland in Memphis to tell us about 3 new exhibits fans will see. See Original Story: Elvis On Tour In Louisville

Priscilla Presley Makes A Plea For Elvis On Glee!

Thriller Promo Priscilla Presley has recently said she admires the young talented performers on "Glee" and she'd love to see the show incorporate some Elvis music. "I think it's great. They should be doing Elvis music on there one time... I think it would be great, why not." Other music featured on Glee: Journey Aerosmith Rocky Horror Show Madonna Lady GaGa Billy Joel (first said no but then changed his mind this August) Britney Spears Elton John is currently (in talks) to appear on the show. Michael Jackson (as seen above) Glee airs on FOX Tuesday nights @ 8 PM EST More Glee news: Lea Michele Beats Out Elvis WIth Glee! Glee Breaks Elvis Record Glee Second To Elvis

Elvis Sun Records Mouse Pad Available!

Lowest price on line! Choose Your Country USA (includes S/H) $9.99 Worldwide (S/H incl.) $12.99

Elvis Is Back Special Offer!

Elvis Is Back! Box Set About Elvis Is Back! Elvis Is Back is all about Elvis' return to the music scene in 1960. This year was a bittersweet one for Elvis. He was being discharged from the Army. Music had changed in two years and he was a little insecure about his music career. Yet he enters the sessions with such ambition and determination. He delivers a new mature diverse voice. 'It's Now Or Never' and 'Surrender' are truly challenging for Elvis. He proofs himself to be a truly talented singer and not just a flash in the pan. These recording sessions will forever stand out in Elvis' history. It's almost as if Elvis hit the ground running upon his return. The Colonel had been busy preparing for Elvis' return for a very long time. Not only were the recording sessions lined up, an appearance on the ABC televised Frank Sinatra Special and the filming for 'G.I. Blues' were immediately following. His appearance on the Sinatra Special is wa

Priscilla Presley Has Bieber Fever!

Nancy O'Dell sat down with Priscilla Presley (former wife of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley) and Priscilla singles out teen sensation Justin Bieber as one of today's young talented musicians. When asked whether there could ever be another musical giant like Elvis, Priscilla says, " It's unlikely because the business has changed so much.You know, today is such a different time. It's just a different time. Justin Bieber is actually doing great at a very young age, that's another phenomena."

Graceland Redevelopment Haulted!

The owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises said Wednesday it is scaling back plans to redevelop the Graceland attraction due to a difficult economic climate. CKx Inc. said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that expanding the visitors center and adding new attractions, shops, and a new hotel adjacent to Elvis' former home would take several years and substantial financial investment. The filing also said expenses for operating the Memphis tourist attraction rose last year due to higher professional and legal fees that were primarily related to a 2010 master plan that has been postponed. The company is exploring opportunities to build a new Heartbreak Hotel with a business partner, CKx CEO Michael G. Ferrel told The Associated Press. But the other previously studied parts of the redevelopment would happen only in "incremental steps," depending on the economy, he said. "We ran straight into a headwind for what this project was supposed to be," Ferrel

Prostitutes found murdered in South Memphis cemetery just off EP Blvd

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The bodies of two women were dumped like trash last month within days of each other at Mt. Carmel Cemetery off Elvis Presley Boulevard. "It's sad," said Robert Brown. Brown knew 44-year-old Rhonda Wells, a known prostitute. She lived with her grandmother in a now boarded-up house on Gaither Street. Brown said a lot of people dropped by the day after Wells' body was discovered. "I told my grandson to go over there and see what happened and he came back and said Rhonda got shot in the head," recalled Brown. He said he was unaware of Wells' criminal history for working the streets. "I just saw her in and out, in and out," said Brown. "I did not know." Jessica Lewis, 28, was a known prostitute as well and was the first to be found dead in the cemetery. She also died from a gunshot wound. While police refused to confirm any connection, they do not appear to be ruling out the possibility of a single ki

Elvis On Tour In Louisville On March 14th!

The name Elvis conjures up visions of hip shaking, gold records, and screaming women—the likes of which are rarely seen to the scale that the young man from Mississippi was able to create. And, it’s just those visions that the Elvis Presley Graceland Museum is trying to cultivate with its recent media blitz. Covering towns around Memphis, including Presley’s triumphant return to Louisville, the Graceland media team is taking “Elvis on Tour.” Graceland’s Director of Communications, Kevin Kern will be in Louisville on March 14 and is bringing Elvis artifacts with him. Previous stops have included Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleans. The Graceland Museum—in honor of the 55th anniversary of Presley’s first hit song, first film, and several of his first television appearances—has added three new exhibits to the King’s Graceland mansion. Included is Presley’s first Grammy from 1967, a belt he wore while now famously meeting with President Richard Nixon, and Elvis’ first gold record for

Celebrity Photog Dick Zimmerman Talks About MJ & Lisa Marie's Wedding Portrait

Dick Zimmerman became world-renowned for introducing a style of celebrity portrait photography that looked like a painting. (You remember all those TV Guide covers from the '70s and '80s, right?) Over the years, he's shot some of the biggest names in Hollywood, ranging from Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman to John Travolta and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Over a 13-year period, Zimmerman also had three sessions with Michael Jackson, the most famous being in 1982, when Zimmerman shot the cover for the record-breaking 'Thriller' album. Zimmerman, who these days offers oil-painting portraits on commission worldwide, talks about creating that iconic MJ portrait. Tell us about the day you photographed Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' cover. DZ: On the day of the shoot, he came alone. No entourage. We had two racks of wardrobe, handpicked by one of the best stylists in LA. Michael didn't really care for anything on it. He said, "I'd like to be wea

Now In Stock - Official Elvis That's All Right Sun Records Zip Hoodie

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Here's A Great Elvis Song To Start Your Week!

Well, we're BAACK! And we'll be bringing you lots of News & Exclusives later today! Hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday all!

Rock Royality Priscilla Presley Shows Off Her Jewelry Line

Rock royalty Priscilla Presley brings her life with Elvis and worldly travels to jewelry line She's a gifted businesswoman, a devoted mother, a generous philanthropist, an author, actress and model, and most recently, Presley has taken on a new role — designing jewelry fit for a queen. Rock and roll meets red carpet is one way to describe Presley's jewelry line. Her pieces are fashioned around bold, colorful crystals in gothic, romantic and regal designs. “All the pieces ... they're from my own experience, from my travels, from gifts, of course, that Elvis gave me,” she said in a recent phone interview. Elvis' influence is especially apparent in Priscilla Presley's Maltese Cross band ring — a wide band of white enamel rimmed with crystals and inlaid with a gold Maltese cross set with crystals. “I wear it all the time,” she said. “I've had a collection of crosses throughout the years that were given to me by Elvis.” She said she plans to use the crosses giv

Autographed Suzy Bogguss Publicity Photo - SOLD!

24.99 plus 5.00 S/H Souvenirs ( Elvis reference) Stuck On You Mixed from the 1995 children's album, Blue Suede Sneakers Artists: Various Artists More on Suzy: Susan Kay "Suzy" Bogguss (born December 30, 1956) is an American country music singer. In the 1980s and 90s she released one platinum and three gold albums and charted six top ten singles, winning the Academy of Country Music's award for Top New Female Vocalist and the Country Music Association's Horizon Award. In 1985, Bogguss moved to Nashville, where she worked as a demo singer by day and played in clubs at night. The following year, she became the first featured female performer at Dollywood, a theme park owned by country music legend Dolly Parton. This prompted her to produce an eponymous demo cassette, which she sold at her Dollywood shows. During this time she met songwriter and future husband Doug Crider, who penned one of the songs on the demo. Eventually, the demo caught the attenti