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Time to Turn Page to a Better Year for Memphis

Time to Turn Page to a Better Year 2011 was another year where what had once glittered wasn’t always what was of value. Recessions have a way of ripping away veneers that look more substantial and less tentative than we hope they are. What is clear for the year ahead is that it is up to us collectively to make our destiny. Perhaps what we do deliberately will be tempered considerably by the weight of other factors beyond our control. But not all of the elements that determine success or failure and the ground between them are out of our reach. 2012 will be the year a specific plan to consolidate Shelby County’s two public school systems takes shape. Our civic disposition to look at what others have done has been satisfied. With that, we hope the consolidation planning commission will fashion a school system that has as its goal a single public school system that strives to be better for the parents of all children in what are now two school systems. By better we mean in mea