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Priscilla Presley dines with Tom Jones

Priscilla Presley and Tom Jones dined at Craig's in Los Angeles over the weekend. They arrived in Jones' white Rolls Royce. Tom, 78, opened the door for Priscilla, 71, young men take note, it's gentlemanly to do so! Priscilla looks GORGEOUS!

Graceland Auction Results - Elvis Presley Memorabilia SOLD!

SOLD for $8,125 Lot 61 :   Elvis Presley Gold and Diamond Ring Estimated Price: $10,000 - $15,000 The offered ring emanates from Charlie Hodge . It was purchased in the early 1980s along with 11 other rings and the original box in which Elvis kept them when he gave them to Charlie. SOLD for $4,250 Lot 126:   Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley Signed Divorce Document Estimated Price: $5,000 - $7,000. Their love was legendary and their parting was amiable, as evidenced in this one-page Supplement to Property Settlement Agreement in which assets are divided. According to the document, Priscilla is to receive $100,000 tax-free and should any claim be made against this sum, Elvis has agreed to be liable. This agreement is dated August 15, 1972, and framed with two images of Elvis and Priscilla leaving the Santa Monica courthouse the day their divorce was final. SOLD for $11,875 Lot 62:   Elvis Presley Film Worn Boxing Gloves Estimated Price: $12,000

Lisa Marie Presley's Ex is out for MONEY in the divorce!

Image recently reported that Lisa Marie's soon to be, but not too soon enough EX, Michael  Lockwood claims he reluctantly signed a post-nuptial agreement but never read it or got a copy of it. WAH! The agreement stipulates that any property obtained before or after the marriage remain separate. Lockwood is also asking for $100,000 toward legal fees for divorce. What a MAN! Lockwood was paid a salary by Lisa Marie to be her musical director.     He says he's sleeping on a friend's sofa while Lisa Marie has a $100,000 a month allowance. Your point is, Lockwood?  Lisa Marie is a PRESLEY!  Get a J word, JOB! She is entitled to that money HER DADDY worked hard for and wanted HER to have.  NOT YOU!  You are NOT ENTITLED, SNOWFLAKE!   DM reports Lisa Marie tells confidantes Lockwood was 'verbally and financially abusive and she feared 'he's an unsafe father' to twin. She demanded  full custody and monitored visits of 8-year-ol