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Ladies and gentlemen..Michael Lockwood has left the building! More Details on Lisa Marie Presley's Divorce

TMZ   reports Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce in part because she believes her husband has played fast and loose with her money. Her lawyer, Ron Litz, says Michael ran the finances during their marriage and she didn't monitor any of it, including the Elvis money that came in. We're told when the relationship started getting rocky, she noticed things ... in particular an enormous American Express bill ... more than $109,000. Shortly after she spotted the charge, AmEx sued her. We're told Lisa Marie's legal team has now opened a forensic audit to determine where all the money went during their marriage.   As we reported, t he couple had a postnup. We're told that document makes it clear ... all the Elvis money is hers.  We made several attempts to reach Michael, with no luck. PEOPLE  magazine says her lawyer says they've since updated the petition to instead request legal separation,  it's only due to a legal formality and the