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In Lieu of Flowers For Myrna

Dear All: I've received inquiries asking about sending flowers for Myrna.  Myrna's body is being cremated.  There is no funeral or service or viewing, & Myrna's ashes are not being buried or interred.  Myrna's brother advised he will take the urn with Myrna's ashes home & place it on the mantle next to her mother's urn. For those who want to do something, I believe Myrna would most like a charitable donation made in her honor.  Myrna was a very giving person & always thinking of others.  Most Elvis fans give to charity or belong to a fan club that supports one or more charities.  Since the fans are the ones who helped Myrna, I think she would be proud to have donations made to fan club supported charities in her honor/memory.  And, since the fans are the people who took on the role of Myrna's family & helped her, the fan clubs & fans can post the information regarding anything done in Myrna's honor &, thus, keep her Elvis Fam

Betty Harper Art Featured on the January Issue of KEY Magazine!


Mining Elvis Presley's catalog: What was found and what was lost

 “The Complete Elvis Presley Masters” is a marvel to behold, and a behemoth to explore. Over its 30 CDs are the astonishing array of music that the King of Rock 'n' Roll recorded over a quarter century -- 711 master tracks, more than triple what the Beatles issued during their career, plus more than 100 other outtakes, unreleased songs and live performances. And even though 162 of those songs on the new box set charted during Presley’s lifetime, that leaves a monstrous amount far less known, a source of considerable pride and pleasure to Ernst Jorgensen, the Danish record exec and lifelong Elvis fan who’s been in charge of his catalog reissues for the last 20 years. “When Elvis died in 1977, who thought we would ever find four demos recorded by him before he ever made a recording at Sun Records?” Jorgensen told me during an interview for a story that appeared Friday in Calendar.   “That has to be the highlight of the rarities section. We found so many things simply by being a