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Roland Janes passed away

After a stint in the Marines during the Korean War, Janes settled in Memphis where he started playing for artists at a small recording studio. It was there that he met Jack Clement who brought him to Sam Phillips at Sun Records. Janes became the house guitarist at Sun in 1956, a position he would hold for seven years. His guitar can be heard on the majority of tracks cut by Jerry Lee Lewis, including Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On and High School Confidential, along with other Sun artists like Charlie Rich and Sonny Burgess. He also was a member of Billy Lee Riley's Little Green Men. While still at Sun, Janes and Riley founded their own label, Rita Records, where they had a hit with Harold Dorman's original version of his song Mountain of Love. Janes also opened his own Sonic Studios where he would specialize in recording artists for small, independent labels. The studio stayed open until 1974 when Janes went into a semi-retirement only to reemerge in 1977 as a p

Cee Lo Green's version of Stranger In The Crowd - WWHL

Cee Lo Green would like to spruce up his 2009 version of EP's Stranger in the Crowd which he did for a Coke Ad. LMP talks EP duets correcting Andy that they have been done and confirming the Susan Boyle story. Check out Cee Lo Green's 2009 version of Stranger in the Crowd here:

Lisa Marie on WWHL - Who is RIley dating? And who isn't she dating EVER!

Last night, LMP KILLED it on WWHL with Andy Cohen ! One caller asked LMP if Riley was still engaged to Magic Mike co-star Alex Pettyfer or dating Robert Pattinson . LMP : Well, I'm not going to say who she IS with. BUT I will say who she is NOT with and that’s Robert Pattinson. That was a complete lie. The craziest thing since she & Kristen Stewart are like this (She crosses her fingers) They are like best friends. That is a rumor. I’ll be happy to put that to bed. She never said anything. I was like why don’t you say something! As for the other thing, I can be safe, I don’t know what's happening. I can be safe saying that. Later in the show, Andy returns from a break: I’m in the clubhouse with the lady who owns Graceland, Lisa Marie Presley ! Another caller asks: Lisa, Would you ever let your daughters date a really super over the top mega Elvis fan? LMP : Well, I know my daughter would not go for an over the top Elvis fan. Particularly, I think she’d

Thoughts & Prayers for Tom Salva and family

L to R - Linda, Jamie, Sally, Tom, Roy, and myself Longtime Elvis collector & friend,  Tom Salva has lost his mom this week. Tom is a well respected collector who always makes people laugh with his outgoing personality. Tom is a loyal friend and dedicated family man. Tom's mom & dad were devoted to their family & instilled that in Tom & his family.We are asking that you keep Tom and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Mary (Bates) Salva , 83, passed away on October 8, 2013 at Saint Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. Mary was born September 21, 1930 in Saint Peter's Hospital and spent her entire life in New Brunswick and North Brunswick. She enjoyed spending her summers, with her family, at their house in Midway Beach. Mary graduated from New Brunswick High School. After graduating, she went to work for Bell Telephone as an operator. Mary married Al Salva, her husband of  58 years, and became a housewi