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Shady Ladies of Music City - A new tell-all Podcast from Nashville, TN starting June 4th

You know I love a good Podcast! And this time of year, I make a list of beachworthy podcasts. This podcast, Shady Ladies of Music City ,  which is hosted by Susan Nadler and Evelyn Shriver is already at the top of my list! Love country music from the 80's and 90's? This podcast is for you! "Over the course of more than forty years in the music industry, they turned unknown artists into legends, shattered glass ceilings, smoked pot with everyone, including Willie Nelson, and eventually became the first two women ever to run a country music label when they took hold of Asylum Records in 1998. Now, Susan and Evelyn are ready to share the unbelievable tales, tribulations, and backstage stories they lived through with hilarious, often brutal, honestly on the “ Shady Ladies of Music City ” podcast. Starting their careers as publicists, Susan and Evelyn moved to Nashville in the 1980s and quickly set out to flip music row on its head. Building a network of a