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James Burton's son Jeff in need of a liver and kidney transplant - Family asks for Prayers!

  September 2 - "Update from the Burton's.. .They are not going to give Jeff a liver & kidney transplant. If ANYONE knows where we can take him or knows anyone at Vanderbilt that can help us to change their minds please contact them!!! We are asking for worldwide prayer from all of our prayer warriors for Jeff. They said he would die in about 2 or 3 days without a transplant. PLEASE pray that God takes his body and heals it. We could use some prayer warriors and the healers to come pray with us at the hospital. I feel like laying on of hands would help him too. Needless to say that we are turning all of it over to GOD. He is the healer! Please pray with FAITH. Jeff does not want to die! More information as it becomes available. On behalf of the entire Burton family...Thank you and God bless you!!!"  Previous Updates: "On behalf of the Burton's we are calling on all prayer warriors all over the world and asking for urgent prayers for their son Jeff.