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Van Halen's New Single,Tattoo mentions Elvis Presley

Van Halen just released their new single,Tattoo. The first line mentions Elvis Presley , "I got Elvis on my elbow.  When I flex, Elvis talks." Pre-Order Album Here Van Halen 2012 Tour Dates & Tickets

Linda Thompson says Elvis was the King in more ways than one ;)

Linda Thompson was out to dinner @ Mr Chow's in Beverly Hills last week, when a pap for TMZ asked her about Elvis. She was first asked what her fondest memory of Elvis was, to which she answered, "his generosity, he was just a good, kind person. That was the big stand out feature. And he had a great sense of humor as well. And he was kinda talented." Another pap then asked, out of all of your lovers, where does he rank? She says, "Where do you think?" she coyly laughs. The pap then asks, can you talk about that with us? Linda then playfully says, "What do you mean? All my lovers? I'm a good girl! I could count on one hand here." The pap then says, "Of all yours lovers, how was he in bed?" To which Linda replies, " Let's just say he was the king in more ways than just Rock & Roll!"