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George Jones Museum in Nashville celebrates first year anniversary with Nancy Jones!

It's been one year since we opened and three years since George Jones' passing. Nancy Jones invites you to join her on Saturday, April 23rd to celebrate the Possum and reminisce on his life. There'll be free cupcakes, live entertainment & more all day. In honor of the occasion, museum tickets for that day are now available online for the discounted price of $13.

Elvis and Nixon cast on Good Morning America (VIDEO)

The words used by the cast include Bizarre, Insane, Ridiculous and Crazy (which seems to be the KEY Word) used by all. That's how they describe Elvis and this very important event to Elvis himself and historically. They laugh away telling the story and mentioning that Elvis was carrying a fire arm and had one as a gift for the president. This happened in 1970. Maybe in 2016 this might be odd to a few. But this is America where we have a right to bear arms. No matter what he gave the president, it would be made to be odd and strange. The media loves to make Elvis an odd ball, weird, strange and CRAZY. Listen as Alex says when he saw the photo of Elvis with Nixon, he didn't even think it was real. And that's the big problem with the media and all these movies that poke fun at Elvis, recreate history for entertainment and make him a fictional character like Santa Claus. Alex's generation is already thinking this way. Future generations may not ever know there r

Kevin Spacey talks about Elvis and Nixon (VIDEO)

Kevin Spacey who plays Elvis in the latest trash movie about Elvis was on the Late Show last night telling the story of Elvis meeting Nixon. I want to note that Spacey claims the guards at the white house thought Elvis Presley was an Elvis impersonator. I never heard this before. And how many Elvis impersonators were there back then? Sensationalism at it's best. Update: I have found that the guards said a guy who looks A LOT like Elvis Presley. To be fair. BUT the term, Elvis Impersonator, not known back then. Sorry. Another thing I have noticed while promoting this film are the buzz words the cast uses to desrcibe Elvis and this historical event. These words include CRAZY and Bizarre. So now younger generations will laugh at this important event and think of Elvis as Crazy and Bizarre. Well done Jerry! And to the fans who go and pay $$$$ to see this movie, in my opinion Elvis would be very hurt by this film because he felt so strongly about this and he would especially b