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Memphis Police Officer on the Protest @ Graceland last night

Written by MPD officer James Schmedes about the protest tonight at Graceland. "So there we were, about a block south of Graceland. The call had come down for the riot team to move into position, the protesters were getting out of hand. So we dressed in as the rain began to fall and got into position. The line looked like some kind of modern day Roman legion with armor of plastic and Kevlar instead of leather and bronze. Hickory sticks and pistols took the place of sword and spear. We stood there waiting for the order to move up. Ready to go and feeling that anticipation before the action, time seemed to stand still for a moment when lightning cracked across the sky above us. Imagine, just at the second when things are going to get hairy four things happen at once. Lightning flashes. From behind us Elvis starts singing " Are You Lonesome Tonight". The rain comes down by the bucket and everyone is drenched instantly. The crowd disperses. So I ask you, did