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Lisa Marie Presley's Ex Michael Lockwood admits to being an addict.......Gretsch Addict, that is!

Lisa made it ALL possible, FOOL! PART of Michael Lockwood Guitar Collection More from Lockwood's Collection Michael Lockwood personal collection Here's a list (AT END)  of what Lockwood fesses up to along with the photos of HUNDREDS of guitars Lisa must have known of, so just imagine what is hidden in storage that Lisa doesn't know of!!!! Talk about SELF ENTITLEMENT!   Elvis Presley HIMSELF did not have this many guitars!  Gluttony at it's best!  How dare he!!!!  Well, the party is over for you, Lockwood. I think Lisa should get ALL these Guitars and DONATE them to the James Burton Charitable Foundation in her family name. Let the kids enjoy these instruments! Elvis' money paid for them.  It's not like this guy had a job outside of the Presley name. And he certainly won't need ALL these guitars again! Whether he plays the local dive bar or Elks lodge, HE HAS NO NEED FOR ALL OF THIS! I hope Lisa's