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"Cooler heads may not prevail on Monday" says Memphis Protester

"Press conference tomorrow. He going to do a press conference tomorrow," Keedran Franklin yelled.   "He hurt. Y'all can't see he hurt?"  Supporters stood between reporters and Frank Gibson as WREG tried to ask him questions Saturday. Gibson, who is best known as Frank Gottie, was released from jail.   "He came over here while I was at my sister's wake and stole my battery out my vehicle, put my tires on flat," Xaviera Crawford said.  Gottie is accused of knocking his ex-girlfriend down and resisting arrest. He told WREG the allegations against him never happened. "They said something about a battery. Come on, man. Why would I even be on the scene if I stole something? Come on man. That don't make sense," Gottie told WREG over the phone from inside of 201 Poplar. Police said Gottie was out of control, refused to give his name and would not give in to commands. "Check on Gottie. Check on Gottie. He&#

Memphis vows to protect Protesters & fans during Operation Blue Suede Shoes Protest @ Graceland Monday

Memphis officials released a vague statement Sunday that promised to protect the rights of "protesters, patrons and property owners " if a planned protest at Graceland Monday night goes forward. Protesters, in turn, were equally vague about exactly what they have planned for the annual candlelight vigil attended by thousands of Elvis fans from around the world. "We will protect the rights of the protesters, visitors, patrons, property owners and residents. We will expect the conduct of all to be lawful," the city statement read in its entirety.  When reached for clarification, neither Memphis Police Director Michael Rallings nor city attorney Bruce McMullen would offer any specifics about what the city's plans are for the protest.  A group calling itself the Memphis Coalition of Concerned Citizens announced plans Friday for a protest at the event.  The group, which has protested the killings of black people by police across the country, posted

Homeland Security warns Black Lives Matter Memphis Protester + More Details (VIDEO)

 Thousands from around the world flock to Memphis every year to visit his home and, on one night each year, to remember his death. The event may look different this year. "I love Elvis. I even respect Elvis, but I'm still going to push because my life matters." Frank Gottie is one of the organizers. He's one of the people hoping to be heard.  "People feel like it's the time for them to speak and people got emotions. " They're protesting a lack of accountability in deadly police shootings involving black people, a system of what they call continuing police oppression and low-paying, dead-end jobs.