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Priscilla Presley wishes Elvis Happy Birthday at 45th anniversary of his death

    During last night's candlelight vigil, Priscilla Presley wished Elvis a Happy Birthday. She actually mentioned his birthday 7 times while speaking on the 45th anniversary of his death. If this was a one off, I'd get it. We all misspeak. It's Elvis Week, you're tired. But 7 times? It almost got to the point where she had the crowd singing. Priscilla did ask the crowd to wish him a Happy Birthday and in this short clip, you can hear a handful do so. Very bizarre! I have seen some people blame Scientology . This just is not true. In fact, Scientologists celebrate the birthday, and I mean actual birthday of their leader, L.Ron Hubbard . Not his death date, his actual birthday. Scientologists also in fact have funerals and memorial services for their deceased. It is in no way referred to as a birthday. That's an entirely different religion.   Lastly, Priscilla has never done this in the past.I think she was tired and got confused. We all have been there during a

Elvis Candlelight Livestream filled with Too Much Monkey Business!

Many fans were watching the candlelight service on livestream. And from the start, it became a bizarre event! First, Priscilla Presley referred to it as Elvis' birthday . OK, one time I get it, we are all getting older, tiredness etc. But she referred to this as his birthday many times to the point, I thought she was going to have the crowd sing Happy Birthday Elvis. I kid you not! Seriously! So bizarre!  But she did look great as always. All kidding aside, I get it. We all have been there during a big Elvis Week, you're so tired, you don't make sense! Priscilla, get some rest! You're scaring me!  Next, we get Tom Brown Live from the green screen of the "front lawn" , great to see Tom, ok but that's where we stayed for most of the night . Tom talking and talking and talking about the wonderful new movie, Elvis. Yes, it's wonderful but tonight was not about sales pitches or the wonderful movie. The candlelight service was created BY FANS FOR FANS