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CMT Sun Records episode 2 sneak peek - VIDEO

CMT Sun Records episode 2 - Sam Phillips works with B.B. King in studio for the first time. Sun Records airs Thursday at 10 PM EST on CMT

Sign Petition to induct Jerry Lee Lewis into the Country Music Hall of Fame!

Click HERE to Induct Jerry Lee Lewis into the Country Music Hall of Fame Petition | GoPetition Target: The Country Music Association Region: United States of America Website: Jerry Lee Lewis , equal in stature to the all time greats, Jimmie Rodgers, Al Jolson, and Hank Williams, and truly deserving of the title "Greatest Living American Song Stylist", is long overdue for induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Ameripolitan Music Awards , a grassroots movement, has created this online petition to let the Country Music Association know that Jerry Lee Lewis has one of the most loyal fan bases of any country artist in history, and together we have the opportunity to influence the nominating committee and voting members of the CMA. We are aware that Jerry Lee already has many advocates within the CMA and the Country Music Hall of Fame, and they need our help to make a strong case for his inclusion on the ballot. Though he is one of the most

2.1 MILLION Viewers Can't Be Wrong! CMT Sun Records is a HIT!

It's official! CMT's Sun Records is a hit among viewers! 2.1 MILLION Viewers Can't Be Wrong! CMT launched its limited series Sun Records , about the birth of rock’n’roll, to 2.1 million viewers and a .71 gross rating with Adults 18-49 across four airings across on three networks — two on CMT and one Nick at Nite and TV Land. The Season 5 premiere of Nashville , which drew nearly 2 million viewers and a .77 across three airings on two networks, two on CMT and one on Nick at Nite.   On CMT , which accounts for the bulk of the viewing, the heavily promoted Sun Records averaged a .34 rating among adults 18-49 and actually built upon its Nashville lead-in by +5, performing triple digits (+113%) above the CMT’s quarter-to-date primetime average according to Deadline. If you missed the premiere of Sun Records , check it out ON DEMAND. And be sure to tune in next Thursday night at 10 PM EST on CMT.  

Elvis Presley song FOOL (Video) for Lisa Marie Presley - Stay Strong!

As an Elvis fan, this song came to mind this weekend with all Lisa Marie is going through. FOOL! We are WITH YOU LISA! Be strong! Fool, you didn't have to hurt her Fool, you didn't have to lose her Fool, you only had to love her But now her love is gone Fool, you could have made her want you Fool, you could have made her love you Fool, you only had to love her But now her love is gone Gone now the love and laughter See yourself the morning after Can't you see her eyes are misty As she said goodbye Fool, you didn't have to hurt her Fool, you didn't have to lose her Fool, you only had to love her But now your love is gone Fool, you only had to love her But now love is gone Fool, you could have made her want you Fool, you could have made her love you Fool, you only had to love her But now her love is gone Fool, you didn't have to hurt her Fool, you didn't have to lose her Fool, you only had to love her FOOL, FOOL, FOOL! We love you, Lisa!

EPE announces pricing for New Elvis Presley's Memphis Complex (UPDATED)

EPE announced pricing for the NEW Elvis Presley's Memphis complex. "With the opening of “Elvis Presley’s Memphis” (EPM), Graceland’s new, 200,000-square-foot entertainment and museum complex on March 2, 2017, a ticket for “Elvis Presley’s Memphis” (either with the Mansion tour or by itself) will enable visitors to explore everything that EPM has to offer, including a new Elvis Presley career museum, a new Automobile Museum, plus themed exhibits, gift shops and restaurants. Just as the exhibit spaces at Graceland Plaza required a ticket in the past, this new facility will do the same, however tickets will be scanned at a turnstile entry point which will then give visitors free roam of the facility to explore all of its themed spaces. You may come and go from the complex as many times as you wish on the day of your tour." If you do not purchase a ticket that includes EPM, you will still be able to access the following: Vernon’s Smokehouse restaurant Ice c

CMT Sun Records Episode One Review

  The reviews among Elvis fans are mixed for Sun Records , the new drama on CMT which premiered last night. Most LOVE it , Some don't like it at all, and others want to give it a chance. Myself, I LIKE it . Last night was an introduction to all the characters . I think the writers and producers did a fine job summing up all that early history in less than an hour! I loved how they summed up Colonel Parker. It was PERFECT! I also liked the inclusion of Eddy Arnold. See, it's THOSE DETAILS that make the difference! Very Cool!  Details like this take time and KNOWLEDGE! And that is something most TV shows and movies don't have! Hats off to the writers! Very much appreciated, well at least by me! I love when the Colonel tells the boy he can cover the Bob Wills posters, "Cause Bob is a friend of mine and he said it would be okay." And then when Colonel goes in and sells the record store a hundred records and even gets the guy to pay the p

Lisa Marie Presley Ex visits with the girls at the beach

Lockwood visited with the girls at the beach yesterday. Those of you who are 40ish and went to Catholic school like myself will know who Buster Brown is!  We wore Buster Brown shoes with our uniforms!  Similar look! Why can't he show up looking Dadish?  Why the hat and collar up and the red fox hanging from his belt? Attention seeker?  Who called the paparazzi?  Same people who sell one sided awful stories to certain web sites?  DCFS monitor was present, same one that was with Priscilla the other day. I decided NOT to show the Dailymail's video or pics with the girls. Look, this is their Dad and they love him no matter what. My heart just went out to them during this difficult time. I didn't want to expose them anymore than they already are. Note in the photos above, he STILL has his wedding ring on . And also note, he still acts like he is a rock star standing there with his coffee and allowing the woman to lug all the toys, scoo

Don't Miss CMT Sun Records Tonight @ 10 PM EST!

CMT's premiere of Sun Records airs tonight right after Nashville . The first episode is titled, "706 Union." Description: Sam Phillips moves his family to Memphis to open a recording studio to look for his first hit musical act, but instead rekindles a steamy affair. Young Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash struggle at home. Sun Records airs tonight on CMT at 10:02 PM EST . The show is only scheduled for 8 episodes for now. From the interviews I have seen with the cast, they all seem to have a great appreciation for the music and the legends their characters are based on. They talk with great affection for the artists and the city of Memphis. Tune in tonight and check it out for yourself!

Priscilla Presley - Spa Day with Nona!

Priscilla spent Tuesday out with Lisa's girl, Finley and Harper for the first time since declaring they were under her care earlier in the week. WOW! Have they have grown! Priscilla or Nona as she likes to be called by the girls, treated them to glam care at Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in Beverly Hills . Priscilla emerges with her Mary Tyler Moore look, smart dress and perfect hair! The girls came out JUST GORGEOUS as EVER! Priscilla is a strong LADY! This extra time with NONA is very good for the girls. Priscilla is a graceful, classy and strong lady. You can see content on everyone's face! All is good in the Presley world! Praise God!

Lisa Marie Presley SCORES! Victory in court today!

DailyMail reports Lisa Marie left court smiling as LA judge denies Deadwood's demand for $40,000 a month in spousal support. Score One for Lisa!  He could be a car salesman. He could be a music teacher. But he doesn't seem to think he has an obligation to earn money, Lisa Marie's lawyer told the judge . Amen! He doesn't really want to be known as Michael The Moocher, Does he? While Lisa has provided very personal documents proving she is out of money, Lockwood claims she still receives $466,000 a month,$5.6 million a year from the trust Elvis set up for LISA MARIE Not THE MOOCHER! And think about this, would Lisa REALLY want to expose all this if it was not true?  Lisa has been married four times TOTAL and NONE have gone down this road . Lisa and Danny remained friends, raised their kids together. In fact, Danny was best man at Lisa and Deadwood's marriage ceremony in 2006. This is very telling! A Los Angeles judge denied her estranged h

Lisa Marie Presley's message to estranged husband

I have been saying this from the start, he needs to GET A JOB!  Lisa Marie should NOT have to support him ! And that's EXACTLY what Lisa Marie and her attorney told a judge today. He already allegedly spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS of HER money behind her back! Now he wants a post nup that he SIGNED TEN YEARS AGO voided ! He had no problem with it until Lisa shut off the credit cards and held him accountable! Warning ladies! Swipe LEFT if you see the likes of him on line! What a Mooch!

Other Celebrities with financial troubles similar to Lisa Marie Presley

The media is all abuzz about Lisa Marie's financial issues. Judging from the list below, Lisa is NOT alone! This happens to many celebrities. They PAY folks to MANAGE their money and trust those folks to do just that.  Have a look at the list below of   JUST A FEW others this has happened to, some big names. Recently, actor Johnny Depp believes he has been swindled in the Hollywood accounting shell game by his own business managers and lawyers . In a lawsuit filed today, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star is going after The Management Group for more than $25 million in a jury-seeking suit alleging fraud and several other claims. Pop star Rihanna filed a lawsuit against Berdon LLP in 2012 for mismanagement of funds, improper tax filing and keeping an unfair percentage of profits. She also blamed Berdon LLP for not letting her know she was losing money on her 2010 “Last Girl on Earth” tour. Berdon LLP fired back that it was the singer’s exorbitant spending habits t

Lisa Marie Presley Divorce - Ex alleges threat was contemporaneously recorded

Radaronline reports Lisa Marie Presley allegedly threatened to make her ex Michael Lockwood‘s life a nightmare if he didn’t withdraw his claim for alimony cash. In court documents obtained by Radar that on December 29, Lockwood filed an order asking Presley to pay him $40,000 per month in spousal support and to pay his attorneys’ fees in the amount of $100,000. He also alleged in that filing that the couple’s post-nuptial agreement was “not valid,” or at least unenforceable. They married in 2006, he SIGNED the post nup in 2007. He had NO PROBLEM with it until now ! Not til Mommy shut down the spending and cut off the credit cards! Then on January 20, the court documents claim that Lockwood’s attorney “received a phone call from [Lisa Marie’s] attorney, who said that [Michael] should withdraw his request … unless he wanted the allegations against him in the dependency court to be disclosed…” That “threat was contemporaneously recorded,” the complaint claims. Isn't

Nancy Grace son John David loves Elvis Presley just like his granddaddy!

Nancy Grace revealed on her Crime Stories Podcast that her late father LOVED Elvis and now her son, John David is the same way!  Nancy said, "Elvis Presley has given so many people so much joy and so much happiness. I remember before my father passed away, all he would listen to was Sirius Radio, The Elvis channel. You could not get in the car without it being on the Elvis channel! And now guess who does that? I just had to get Sirius installed in my minivan because it wasn't equipped with it. It was so old. So my son John David could hear Elvis! So now we listen to it on the way to school." It's nice to see the next generation of Elvis fans! WTG John David!  Click here to check out Nancy Grace podcast and web site, Crime Online

Priscilla Presley thanks everyone for their support and shares a photo of Lisa's Happy girls!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for "all" your positive support. 🌹 A post shared by Priscilla Presley (@priscillapresley) on Feb 19, 2017 at 9:12pm PST Priscilla Presley took to her Instagram hours ago to post this message of gratitude, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for "all" your positive support." Lisa's girls look very happy spending time with their grandmother! Girls just wanna have fun! :)  💕

Priscilla Presley - Lisa Marie's Girls are NOT in foster care!

Priscilla has spoken out! As many of us fans thought, the girls are safe and sound with her. Praise God! Priscilla puts an end to the confusion of the term, Protective Custody of DCFS. The girls are NOT in FOSTER CARE! Priscilla says, "The girls have not been in foster care and never will be. The girls have been with me and will be until all this is sorted out." Priscilla also posts a photo of the girls happily swimming in the pool.   Lisa Marie is back in court on Wednesday and I hope all this is sorted ASAP for the entire family! Keep them in your prayers. I know many of us are breathing a big sigh of relief right now!  

Michael Lockwood Denies Abuse Allegations

"It is very unfortunate and inappropriate that Ms. Presley chose to file a one-sided, inaccurate version of the facts in the Family Law Court's publicly accessible files," Lockwood's lawyer, Jeff Sturman says in a statement to ET , denying the allegations . "Mr. Lockwood is not going to publicly disclose very negative information about Ms. Presley to retaliate … Therefore, while Mr. Lockwood denies the truth of what Ms. Presley chose to put in the press, he has no further statement at this time." Lockwood also insisted through his lawyer, Jeff Sturman, on Saturday that he is innocent of her ‘‘highly sensational’’ and “inaccurate” child-porn charges. Lockwood wants the court to order Presley to pay him $40,000 a month in spousal support and $100,000 in attorneys’ fees . His wife, he said, “has great difficulty being honest and she rarely, if ever, accepts personal responsibility for her own wrongdoing,” he said.   Look who is talking? PERSONA

Police CONFIRM child abuse allegations involving the Presley family

People Magazine reports Beverly Hills Police have confirmed they received child abuse allegations involving the Presley family last summer . They have referred the investigation to authorities in Tennessee . Authorities also confirmed that they served a search warrant “at a residence in the City of Beverly Hills that led to the seizure of several items.” "In June 2016 , the Beverly Hills Police Department was notified of alleged child abuse involving the Presley family . It was then determined the allegations stemmed from activity originating in the state of Tennessee ," the Beverly Hills Police Department says in a statement to ET , adding they served a search warrant at a resident in the City of Beverly Hills that assisting the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation led to the seizure of several items pursuant to the warrant. "At this point, the TBI has not opened an official case in connection to this matter, " the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tel

Lisa Marie Presley Court Case Scheduled THIS WEEK!

Lisa Marie Presley will face off with soon to ex but not soon enough, Michael Lockwood. A hearing has been scheduled on the case for Wednesday, February 22nd regarding the couple's children. Let's all keep her family in our thoughts and prayers. And hope her girls will be back with their mama ASAP! Click Here To Read More

Nancy Grace in shock that Elvis Presley's grandchildren are in the care of DCFS

Nancy Grace says the KING is rolling over in his grave!  Nancy Grace weighs in on the heartbreaking news revealed yesterday about Lisa Marie Presley's divorce and custody war. You can listen above to Nancy's podcast where Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss the situation and talk about what the court papers reveal. The two discuss the DCFS custody and the court process. The divorce war in which Nancy says Lockwood should not get a dime from Lisa. She says he should get a JOB! Personally, I could NOT agree more!   They also discuss Lisa's financial troubles. What is most interesting is Nancy asks Alan if there is a difference between being in the care of DCFS or Foster Care? Alan says No, there is no difference! Nancy asks if Priscilla could not take the kids. Alan says he knows Priscilla and he will call her and ask her about it. Nancy questions why not just limit the father, why were the kids taken from both parents? I think this is a question w

Lisa Marie Presley now represented by Top Rated Attorney Mark Gross

In Lisa's original divorce filing, she was represented by powerhouse attorney, Ron Litz . Lisa has since hired attorney Mark Gross of Brot and Gross in Sherman Oaks. Gross is a TOP RATED Family law attorney. Lisa's new law firm is THE Go To firm . They have represented moon walker Buzz Aldrin and actor Charlie Sheen . Lisa's Lawyer is a designated SUPER LAWYER! Gross is a Founding and Senior Partner in the Firm, Brot and Gross , with over 20 years family law experience. Gross also has particular expertise in complex custody cases, and is recognized by Judicial Officers as being adept at handling cases involving children with special needs . He has a reputation as a vigorous but reasonable negotiator who promotes settlement of all cases when possible. Gross is also a leader in the Bar, and served for 10 years as a member of the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. As a prior member of Divorce Magazin

Lisa Marie Presley was bamboozled not only by husband

Recent divorce documents reveal all of Lisa Marie's struggles. She was not only allegedly USED and ABUSED financially by her soon to be ex but also her business manager. The Daily Mail uncovered these documents which reveal the horror and heartbreak Lisa has been dealing with recently. Lockwood was demanding that a post-nuptial agreement that the two had signed in 2007 should be torn up . That document said neither party should have a claim on the assets of the other in the event of the marriage breaking down. RIGHTFULLY SO! He signed it in 2007 BUT NOW TEN YEARS LATER has an issue with it? PLEASE!  This is a Pansy Now Lockwood is demanding $40,000 a month spousal support and $100,000 toward his legal costs, saying he was coerced into signing the document. Lockwood said that Presley claimed she was worth $60 million at the time the document was signed, but he said that she is actually worth more as she did not fully disclose her assets. Why do

Lisa Marie Presley's painful divorce - Lockwood strikes back!

In court documents filed on Valentine's Day, Michael Lockwood states, ‘I am disgusted that (she) described unproven allegations about me…in a declaration that she filed in this court’s publicly accessible records.' ‘As I experienced during our more than 10-year marriage and as I believe this court will learn (Presley) has great difficulty being honest and she rarely, if ever, accepts personal responsibility for her own wrongdoing,’ he added. ‘It is particularly distasteful that (she) has placed more value on trying to damage my reputation than on the fact that her false statements may be brought to our daughters’ attention.’  ‘For the time being I will not say anything else about such statements in (Presley’s) declaration other than that the allegations against both of us have not been unproven.’ Lockedinfor18yearswood said Lisa broke the rules by revealing the ‘unproven allegations’ and that she is out to ‘destroy’ his reputation. His lawyer said that Presl

Lisa Marie Presley finds DISTURBING Images on Ex's Computer - Allegations of Abuse and Neglect (UPDATED)

Well, I always knew there was more to the story BUT I never thought it was this HEARTBREAKING! Many news outlets are reporting Lisa's girls are in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services. A hearing is set for March 17th in this matter. It is also reported that Lisa Marie found disturbing images and videos on her soon to be Ex's computer. These are alleged to be DISTURBING and INDECENT images and videos of CHILDREN! Lisa Marie is said to have notified the police herself. Police raided the home and found over 80 devices which are still being analyzed . Lisa is horrified and shocked by this. The couple have been married since 2006. They separated in June of 2016. As you may remember, Lockwood demanded SPOUSAL SUPPORT and Attorney Fees. The Daily Mail uncovered Lisa's legal response filed February 7, 2017. Lisa Marie states she does not have the funds to pay Lockwood spousal support and attorney fees. She even admits she has yet to pay

Priscilla Presley is NOT dating Tom Jones

Rumors have been swirling about Priscilla Presley dating Tom Jones since they were seen arriving together at Craig's in West Hollywood . The two arrived together which started the rumor. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about Priscilla, knows how PRIVATE she is . So if she was "dating" Tom Jones , they would not go to Craig's , a paparazzi favorite spot. That is just NOT Priscilla' s style. The two were there for a private party that included many in the music business. And Priscilla's best pal and Elvis' friend, Jerry Schilling was there with Cilla. We all know Priscilla never liked an entourage with Elvis so she would NOT want it if she was dating Jones. Watch the video below and see them all leave, as Priscilla and Tom get in the back, Jerry gets in the front of the Rolls Royce. This is NOT a date! Click HERE for Video Enjoyed catching up with a lifelong friend this week. A post shared by Priscilla Presley (@prisc

Elvis Presley's Memphis Mafia member Marty Lacker has passed away

Marty Lacker served as Elvis' Chief Personal Aide for 3 years according to Joe Esposito. Marty and Joe served as Presley's Co-Best Men at his wedding. Joe Esposito officiated as Chief Road Manager and Chief Personal Aide for almost 17 years. Joe passed away a few months ago, November of 2016. Marty passed away of Kidney Failure after being in and out of the hospital since December. Marty published a book in 1980 titled Elvis: Portrait of a Friend . The first half was Marty's story then you flipped the book over and the other half was his wife Patsy's story about life with Elvis. You can find this book on Amazon for as low as 10 cents if you haven't read it. Condolences to the family and all those that cared for him. You can click this link to watch Marty, Red, Sonny and Billy talking about their days with Elvis.  It is just under an hour.