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Lisa Marie Presley's Girls visit with their dad

What The Heck?  is Buster Brown back in town? Lisa , seriously you have to laugh your backside off when you see these pics. What the heck? Is it your stylists are not doing his hair? Is he having to suffer by NOT getting a Beverly Hills cut? And refuses a cut in his budget, Super Cuts? Is that a wig? THAT is a VERY ODD look for a MAN!  And why exactly is it every time he visits with the girls, the paps are tipped off? Seriously, we never see this when Lisa has them. I won't show pics of the girls, you can visit Dailymail to see them. Why does he have to go to Target like Liberace Dad?  Good lord almightly! He is NOBODY. Dress it down,pal! You are not on stage! You can sometimes tell which parent SOLD the story to the publication by the TONE of the article. I won't share that, just the details and the link . My loyalty is to Elvis and his family only,  especially when Lisa was bamboozled.  Michael Lockwood took the girls out on March 12.