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CMT Sun Records Episode One Review

  The reviews among Elvis fans are mixed for Sun Records , the new drama on CMT which premiered last night. Most LOVE it , Some don't like it at all, and others want to give it a chance. Myself, I LIKE it . Last night was an introduction to all the characters . I think the writers and producers did a fine job summing up all that early history in less than an hour! I loved how they summed up Colonel Parker. It was PERFECT! I also liked the inclusion of Eddy Arnold. See, it's THOSE DETAILS that make the difference! Very Cool!  Details like this take time and KNOWLEDGE! And that is something most TV shows and movies don't have! Hats off to the writers! Very much appreciated, well at least by me! I love when the Colonel tells the boy he can cover the Bob Wills posters, "Cause Bob is a friend of mine and he said it would be okay." And then when Colonel goes in and sells the record store a hundred records and even gets the guy to pay the p

Lisa Marie Presley Ex visits with the girls at the beach

Lockwood visited with the girls at the beach yesterday. Those of you who are 40ish and went to Catholic school like myself will know who Buster Brown is!  We wore Buster Brown shoes with our uniforms!  Similar look! Why can't he show up looking Dadish?  Why the hat and collar up and the red fox hanging from his belt? Attention seeker?  Who called the paparazzi?  Same people who sell one sided awful stories to certain web sites?  DCFS monitor was present, same one that was with Priscilla the other day. I decided NOT to show the Dailymail's video or pics with the girls. Look, this is their Dad and they love him no matter what. My heart just went out to them during this difficult time. I didn't want to expose them anymore than they already are. Note in the photos above, he STILL has his wedding ring on . And also note, he still acts like he is a rock star standing there with his coffee and allowing the woman to lug all the toys, scoo