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How did Elvis Presley's Graceland get it's name? (VIDEO)

According to , the Graceland mansion was once part of a 500-acre farm that was owned by the S.E. Toof family. The land had been part of the family for generations and was named after one of the female relatives, Grace. According to Graceland history, in 1939, Grace's niece, Ruth Brown Moore and her husband, Dr. Thomas Moore, built the mansion, which became well-known to the locals of Memphis. The Moore's daughter, Ruth Marie, was musically accomplished and became a harpist with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Classical recitals in the front formal rooms were common, just as rock 'n' roll and gospel jam sessions would be after the next owner moved in. In the spring of 1957, when Elvis Presley was 22, he purchased the home and grounds for just over $100,000. The previous year had been a whirlwind - it was Elvis' first year of super-stardom including historic network television appearances, record-breaking live performances and armloads of gold

Drone footage of Elvis Presley's father Vernon Presley's home (Video)

This is fantastic! At about 3:29, the drone flies over Vernon Presley's home and gives an amazing look at the home as well as Elvis Presley's Graceland.  It is very sad to see Vernon's pool in such bad shape with all the overgrown grass. It sure looks like a hazard that needs to be dealt with ASAP! This home has been in such disrepair. I fear it will one day have to be torn down. My last visit to the home a few years ago, there was no A/C, the car port had to be torn down and there were roaches in the house. Now that was a few years ago, things could have changed? This is the second home of Vernon Presley and his second wife. The first was on Hermitage Road. Elvis for sure did not want the second wife living in the home he bought for his beloved mama, Gladys. As if we needed ANOTHER reason to love this man! LOYALTY! 💖 When Priscilla Presley first moved from Germany to be close to Elvis, this is where her parents were told she would live but that ended rathe