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Elvis Presley smoked Pot, According to Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson says in 1974, one of Elvis' doctors suggested marijuana to relieve Elvis' eye pressure from secondary Glaucoma, which he'd been diagnosed with sometime before the couple met.  Linda says there was no such thing as legal pot back then. She says that's all Elvis had to hear was that a doctor recommended it and Elvis was all in! Linda says it wasn't the first time Elvis used pot, but this time he wanted to use it with her. He had his own sources for it. She told Elvis, "yeah but it's not legal, honey." Elvis said, "I know that, but if it keeps me from going blind" She recalls one night in "OUR" bedroom at Graceland, Elvis tried to get her to take a hit. She had no interest. She was straight. Elvis was persuasive. "It's just relaxing. It will just relax you." Elvis said. Hurting from his cheating, after 45 minutes she caved in. The temptation wore her down. She was hoping it would

Linda Thompson recalls a TEMP at Graceland taking advantage of Elvis while he was unconscious

In 1976, Linda Thompson recalls one night at Graceland, waking up and Elvis wasn't in bed. She says, "Knowing he was under the strong influence of his sleeping medication, I was immediately concerned, and so I went on a search and rescue mission. Finally, I peeked my head into Lisa's room, she wasn't staying with us at the time. But there he was lying on a daybed. He was sprawled across the sofa, completely out of it, with his pajamas fly open while a Graceland temp kissed him. I could see the back of his head moving but it looked like he was asleep, or barely clinging to the edge of consciousness." Linda cleared her throat and the girl jumped, falling to the floor. Linda says the girl said it wasn't what it looked like. While Elvis struggled to open his eyes enough to look up and focus on her. She recalls Elvis said, "You should have knocked". Linda said, "Should've knocked? I live here. I shouldn't have to knock. O