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Graceland to Finance Prince's Paisley Park Museum Opening October, 2016

Bremer Trust, which is administering Prince’s contested estate has entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of Graceland Holdings, LLC, for the "development, management, and oversight of all aspects of the museum at Paisley Park," according to the proposal. Graceland Holdings, which manages Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland, will also provide initial financing for the museum. THE MUSEUM EXPECTS UP TO 2,000 DAILY VISITORS! Although the plan to convert the estate into a museum has not been officially approved, tickets go on sale tomorrow, Friday, August 26th, at 3PM ET, through the Paisley Park website . The proposal states regular tickets will be sold for $38.50, and VIP tickets for $100 . (All the proposal says about the VIP experience is that tours will be in "smaller groups" than the 25 to 30 people planned for regular tours.) Prince’s legendary home and recording studio complex in Chanhassen, Minnesota, will likely open to public tours beginni

Linda Thompson inspired Elvis Presley to record The Pointer Sisters' Fairytale

Linda Thompson says in 1976, the painful realization that was growing in her for more than a year finally arrived. In her new book, A Little thing Called Love, she says her Fairy Tale was ending. Linda encouraged Elvis Presley to perform and record The Pointer Sisters' song, Fairy Tale in 1975 because as Linda puts it, "It perfectly captured my disillusionment." "Fairytale" I'll pack up all my things and walk away, I don't want to hear another word you have to say I've been waiting for so long I just found out there's something wrong And there's nothing what get better if I stay There's no need to explain anymore I tried my best to love you, now I'm walking out the door You used me, you deceived me, And you never seemed to need me But I'll bet you won't forget me when I go Seems I've been lost in a dream Pretending that you care But now I've opened up my eyes And found it's all been j

Linda Thompson talks about Elvis' Sedation Diet

In March of 1975, Elvis begins a two week engagement in Las Vegas. Linda Thompson recalls Elvis was battling his weight. In her new book, A Little Thing Called Life, she recalls that one of Elvis' Vegas doctors decided to try a radical diet plan. Elvis and Linda left the suite on the Vegas strip to go stay at the doctor's private home. Upon their arrival, Elvis put on his pajamas and jumped into bed. Linda recalls, "Let's just put you to sleep now. The Doctor said, giving Elvis a shot." Linda says she thought What? as she tried to fathom what was unfolding around her. "Elvis had told me that his doctor was putting him on a special diet, but this was way beyond anything I'd expected. For the next two weeks, the doctor had Elvis under NEAR CONSTANT SEDATION." "During this time, Elvis was in bed sleeping except for a few brief periods each day when he woke up long enough to go to the bathroom and eat a small portion of food. Then h

Linda Thompson on the infamous book, Elvis, What Happened?

In Linda Thompson's new book, A Little Thing Called Life, she talks about that infamous book that many fans feel killed Elvis. Or broke his heart, that is. Whichever, it was for sure the Ultimate betrayal! Here's Linda's take on the book, Elvis, What Happened?  written by 3 former bodyguards Elvis fired. "After Elvis unceremoniously fired his longtime bodyguards, they decided it might be time to write what some describe as a vengeful book containing information on Elvis' drug use, which they KNEW he wouldn't want them to talk about publicly." says Linda She continues by saying, " They've since said they published a tell-all because they thought it would help him. And maybe that's the truth." "Maybe they hoped it would encourage him to realize how out of control he'd gotten and inspire him to take care of himself and stop his self destructive behavior." says Linda "Instead knowledge that the book was i

Lisa Marie Presley meets Linda Thompson for the first time

Elvis finished his engagement in Las Vegas. Elvis and Linda travel to Elvis' Holmby Hills home in California to visit with Elvis' four and a half year old daughter, Lisa Marie. The couple are once again sun bathing by the pool when Lisa arrives at the house. Elvis goes and brings Lisa poolside. "This is Daddy's new girlfriend, Linda. She is from Memphis." Elvis tells Lisa. Lisa staying close to Daddy's leg says, " Hi" Linda says, "Hey, I've heard a lot about you. Your Daddy told me so many nice things about you. I'm really happy to meet you." Lisa plays around the pool under the careful eye of Elvis. The couple stretches out on the lounge chairs. Linda's long hair hangs over the chair and Lisa begins to play with Linda's hair. Finally Lisa says, "Excuse me Linda." Linda says, "What, honey?" Lisa asks, " Do you mind if I brush your hair?" "No, that would be great.&q

Elvis Presley Enterprises to manage Prince's Paisley Park Tours

Prince's home is now the domain of the King -- as in Elvis Presley's people running tours at Paisley Park. The bank that manages Prince's estate -- Bremer Trust -- just announced the deal that puts the people who run Graceland in charge of public tours, which are set to begin in October. Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, is reportedly on board with the Elvis plan, but sources close to the heirs tell TMZ not everyone in the family agrees. We're told the dissenting family members objected, in part, because Graceland Holdings has previously had financial problems. As it stands, team Elvis would get 50% of revenue generated by Paisley Park tours. We're told Bremer's currently negotiating with the family in hopes of getting everyone on board, but that's more for PR purposes. Fact is, the tours are going to happen ... but it seems the bank just wants to make sure Prince family members don't publicly bad mouth the deal.