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Sam Phillips Doc Screening During Elvis Week Change of Venue

For those of you who already purchased your tickets for this documentary, The following e-mail was sent out about a change of venue: Thank you for purchasing a ticket to “Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ‘n’ Roll" Documentary Screening” on Saturday, August 13. This email is to notify you that the venue for the event has been changed from The Orpheum to the Rose Theater at the University of Memphis. The date and time for the event remain the same. Seating for the event will remain general admission. Since you have already purchased a ticket to the event, you will just need to present the Ticketmaster ticket you have purchased at the door of the Rose Theater on August 13 to exchange it for a ticket to the event at Rose Theater. In addition, as a token of our appreciation and understanding on the venue change, when you turn in your Ticketmaster ticket at the Rose Theater, you will also receive a Graceland tourism poster. The Rose Theater is located on the campus of the

Actor Tom Berenger Visits Graceland & George Klein's Sirius Radio Show

So actor Tom Berenger, best known for his role in the 1986 Oliver Stone film, Platoon (which also starred Charlie Sheen), and most recently, Inception (starring Leonardo DiCarpio) attended the Memphis Film Festival this weekend. And a few weeks ago, he said this to a reporter who asked if he would visit Graceland while attending the Memphis Film Festival, "I'll be honest with you, there's two things I'm not interested in that everybody else was interested in," said Berenger, 61. "One was Elvis, and the other was the Beatles." Berenger says he loves jazz and blues, but he's more interested in Italian opera and Portuguese fado music. And this was apparent today when the actor stopped in the Sirius XM studio at Graceland today to chat with George Klein. The actor was at Graceland and had yet to tour the mansion. When GK asked the actor what his favorite Elvis song was, the actor slipped, stumbled and fell. He was at a lost of words. Geez, I mean..

Carl Perkins & Paul McCartney - My Old Friend Part 1 & 2

Carl Perkins & Megan I had the honor to close out one of Carl Perkins concerts in Memphis hosted by Elvis International Magazine in the late 90's. One of my proudest memories. Carl is a legend! And he was such a nice guy! I am so honored to have known him! Happy Birthday Mr. Blue Suede Shoes!