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Elvis Presley Hologram in Blade Runner 2049 (Video)

Elvis is only featured for about a second in the official trailer but Elvis is actually in the upcoming film, Blade Runner 2049 for a lot longer. It's not an impersonator, it's Elvis Presley in hologram form!   Blade Runner 2049 opens in theaters October 6, 2017

Elvis Presley Funeral - Ham Embree - The Sketch Artist

This is a report from WHAS 11 main anchor Jim Mitchell who made the trip down to Memphis for Elvis Presley's funeral. He even found local people from Kentuckiana who made the trip. I love seeing the footage of all the fans who made the trip to Memphis to pay their respects to Elvis. What stood out to me was the sketch artist Ham Embree's rendering of Elvis Presley lying in state with Priscilla and Vernon standing beside him. The local artist is Martha Hamilton.  “Ham” Embree, noted Memphis artist, was also a courtroom sketch artist. Hamilton had been commissioned to do the courtroom drawings by local television stations. A pioneer in television animation, she was the courtroom artist for CBS News and its Memphis affiliate, WREG-TV, Channel 3. Embree’s drawings gave visual reality to trials that could be covered by courtroom reporters but not photographers. Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley and Vernon Presley - by Ham Embree Embree's courtroom drawings

Elvis Week 2017 Events for August 16th

Wednesday, August 16 Conversations on Elvis: In the Studio 10:00 AM. Graceland Soundstage A, Elvis Presley’s Memphis. $25 Hear what it was like to record in the studio with Elvis Presley from those who were there to experience it. Hosted by Tom Brown, special guests include: Norbert Putnam, who played bass for Elvis; back-up singers Mary Holladay Pederson and Ginger Holladay, who sang with Elvis on some of his biggest hits; and Sony Music's Ernst Jorgensen, author of "A Life in Music," a definitive study of Elvis' recording sessions. George Klein's Elvis Memorial Service 12:00 PM. University of Memphis Theater Building, 3745 Central Avenue, Memphis. Free. Annual event hosted by George Klein, longtime friend of Elvis. Speakers will include friends and family of Elvis and celebrity guests. The event is located in room TH100, and parking is at Central Avenue Lot 44. The event is free and reservations are not required. For more information, contact the U of M Depa