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Elvis and Nixon's Michael Shannon - a DISGRACE to Elvis' Patriotism

L - Ugly Elvis aka Michael Shannon  R - GORGEOUS Elvis Presley From the interview : It takes a while for Michael Shannon to bring up Trump. He’s doing interviews for the second film from fashion god-turned-filmmaker Tom Ford. The prolific character actor, who’s in a ton of movies this year alone (please, please see his take on The King in “Elvis & Nixon”). But just like his performances, Shannon is unpredictable. During our chat, he’s prone to loopy jokes and strange stories and, eventually, going off on how America just screwed itself. BIM: Please, Please DON'T!  HIS TAKE, HIS LOOK and his lack of respect for the KING, Elvis Presley is not worth wasting your time or money on!  The box office results proved that no matter what Hollywood says, Elvis fans HATED it! Many fans were not star struck by Shannon at all!  Despite the propaganda and almost brainwashing on Elvis Radio.  Even MORE fans were FURIOUS such a man was chosen to play the MOST GORGEOUS man