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Priscilla Presley - Lisa Marie's Girls are NOT in foster care!

Priscilla has spoken out! As many of us fans thought, the girls are safe and sound with her. Praise God! Priscilla puts an end to the confusion of the term, Protective Custody of DCFS. The girls are NOT in FOSTER CARE! Priscilla says, "The girls have not been in foster care and never will be. The girls have been with me and will be until all this is sorted out." Priscilla also posts a photo of the girls happily swimming in the pool.   Lisa Marie is back in court on Wednesday and I hope all this is sorted ASAP for the entire family! Keep them in your prayers. I know many of us are breathing a big sigh of relief right now!  

Michael Lockwood Denies Abuse Allegations

"It is very unfortunate and inappropriate that Ms. Presley chose to file a one-sided, inaccurate version of the facts in the Family Law Court's publicly accessible files," Lockwood's lawyer, Jeff Sturman says in a statement to ET , denying the allegations . "Mr. Lockwood is not going to publicly disclose very negative information about Ms. Presley to retaliate … Therefore, while Mr. Lockwood denies the truth of what Ms. Presley chose to put in the press, he has no further statement at this time." Lockwood also insisted through his lawyer, Jeff Sturman, on Saturday that he is innocent of her ‘‘highly sensational’’ and “inaccurate” child-porn charges. Lockwood wants the court to order Presley to pay him $40,000 a month in spousal support and $100,000 in attorneys’ fees . His wife, he said, “has great difficulty being honest and she rarely, if ever, accepts personal responsibility for her own wrongdoing,” he said.   Look who is talking? PERSONA

Police CONFIRM child abuse allegations involving the Presley family

People Magazine reports Beverly Hills Police have confirmed they received child abuse allegations involving the Presley family last summer . They have referred the investigation to authorities in Tennessee . Authorities also confirmed that they served a search warrant “at a residence in the City of Beverly Hills that led to the seizure of several items.” "In June 2016 , the Beverly Hills Police Department was notified of alleged child abuse involving the Presley family . It was then determined the allegations stemmed from activity originating in the state of Tennessee ," the Beverly Hills Police Department says in a statement to ET , adding they served a search warrant at a resident in the City of Beverly Hills that assisting the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation led to the seizure of several items pursuant to the warrant. "At this point, the TBI has not opened an official case in connection to this matter, " the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tel

Lisa Marie Presley Court Case Scheduled THIS WEEK!

Lisa Marie Presley will face off with soon to ex but not soon enough, Michael Lockwood. A hearing has been scheduled on the case for Wednesday, February 22nd regarding the couple's children. Let's all keep her family in our thoughts and prayers. And hope her girls will be back with their mama ASAP! Click Here To Read More

Nancy Grace in shock that Elvis Presley's grandchildren are in the care of DCFS

Nancy Grace says the KING is rolling over in his grave!  Nancy Grace weighs in on the heartbreaking news revealed yesterday about Lisa Marie Presley's divorce and custody war. You can listen above to Nancy's podcast where Nancy Grace and Alan Duke discuss the situation and talk about what the court papers reveal. The two discuss the DCFS custody and the court process. The divorce war in which Nancy says Lockwood should not get a dime from Lisa. She says he should get a JOB! Personally, I could NOT agree more!   They also discuss Lisa's financial troubles. What is most interesting is Nancy asks Alan if there is a difference between being in the care of DCFS or Foster Care? Alan says No, there is no difference! Nancy asks if Priscilla could not take the kids. Alan says he knows Priscilla and he will call her and ask her about it. Nancy questions why not just limit the father, why were the kids taken from both parents? I think this is a question w