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Newly UNSEALED American military files include Elvis Presley

A peek into famous soldiers' service Newly unsealed American military files provide a different side of lives of prominent personalities In a fireproof fortress at the centre of the continent, a million boxes hold a billion pages of new truths about old soldiers. It is the new U.S. National Archives Personnel Records building, dedicated last week and built to hold, for all eternity, the histories of American military veterans both famous and forgotten, telling us how they served - or fell in glory - on the battlefield, from the skies or deep in the pitiless sea. Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Jackie Robinson, John Coltrane, John Dillinger, Clark Gable, Jack Kerouac, Joe Louis, Roberto Clemente, Arthur Fiedler, Steve McQueen, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Humphrey Bogart, Doctor Seuss - warriors all, detached from their regiments now as so-called Persons of Exceptional Prominence. Files are unsealed for public viewing when a famous soldier or sailor