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Inside Prince's Paisley Park with Archives director Angie Marchese (VIDEO)

"Paisley is representative of everything Prince was and what Prince stood for and it is a very exciting time here," said Angie Marchese, Director of Archives at Paisley Park .  Visitors to the museum can see the studios where he recorded his hits, his guitars, "Purple Rain" motorcycle, costumes, awards and other memorabilia. Also on display is an urn and a stylized replica of the building that contains Prince's ashes. "Oh the collection is massive here, we've got over 6,000 pieces of wardrobe in the collection. Over 121 guitars, so we've got everything from the hohner guitar which, as you know, created so much great music, to handwritten lyrics in a spiral notebook from 1977 for his first album, 'For You.' Costumes from 'Purple Rain,' the Oscar is on display, as well as costumes all through his last tour. So it kind of spans the gamut, there's wardrobe, there's instruments, there's handwritten lyrics," Ma

Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath - Stop what you are doing and Watch NOW!

Leah Remini is best known from the CBS hit series, King of Queens . She made headlines recently when she left the Church of Scientology. Leah's limited docuseries on A & E ,  is on  Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST It is mind blowing! I find myself, re-watching the episodes two and three times. It is fascinating!  Elvis fans know rumors swirled that Lisa Marie Presley left the church years ago. And we know Elvis was NOT a fan of Scientology. He saw right through it.  Lisa has said it helped her in many ways. Lisa has never officially made a statement towards the church.  But if you have any curiosity about this religion, YOU MUST WATCH!  Stop what you are doing SERIOUSLY! And go to your DVR and set this up to record Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST.  Then, go to your on demand menu, find A & E network, and catch up on Leah Remini Scientology and the aftermath.  I hope this limited docuseries continues because only Leah Remini has the BALLS to do th

Dont Ask Forever: My Love Affair With Elvis by Joyce Bova - Revised and Updated - Kindle Edition

In this REVISED AND UPDATED version of her 1994 hardcover, Joyce Bova has written an additional chapter, which most revealingly chronicles her personal life before and after Elvis. She also discusses the Presley/Nixon meeting and reiterates the real reason behind Elvis’s visit to Washington, D.C. Additionally, there are dozens of digitally enhanced color photographs. Many of them are new and were not in the original book, along with some that were. She has added a postscript divulging some events she neglected to include in the hardcover, as well as a very touching P.P.S. Joyce is an identical twin. Elvis was born an identical twin. Joyce shares her innermost thoughts, and Elvis’s, about his conflicts in coping with the absence of his twin and how severely it impacted his life. It started out like a fairy tale. She was a beautiful, hardworking Congressional aide. He was America’s most explosive entertainer. They met one night in Las Vegas in 1969…a night that changed Joyce’s