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Jerry Schilling talks about Elvis and Nixon

Jerry Schilling turned down seven scripts until he found one suitable for the movie "Elvis & Nixon." Opening nationally April 22, the movie is based on Elvis' 1970 meeting with President Richard Nixon at the White House. Schilling, a close friend of Elvis for almost 25 years, was with the King at that meeting and recounted the story in his book, "Me and a Guy Named Elvis: My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley." He's an executive producer on the movie, which stars Michael Shannon as Elvis, Kevin Spacey as Nixon and Alex Pettyfer as Schilling. Earlier scripts misrepresented the friendship between him and Elvis, Schilling said. "They had me in charge telling Elvis what to do. And I never did that. That would have been so phony." Schilling has worked on several Elvis projects, including the Golden Globe-winning documentary "Elvis on Tour." "As a filmmaker, my bottom line on Elvis projects was, 'Would I be comfortab