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Ozzy Osbourne disgraced Elvis Presley while touring Graceland

"Yeah this is where the qualoids were, right?" Ozzy allegedly said. "Where is the room where he f----ing took a s--t and died"   Everyone is laughing though this all. A google search shows the description of this video. Most Recent Graceland Update of Celebs .                                                        Ozzy has been to Graceland before. That's updated to Graceland website today. So to be fair, this isn't from Ozzy's current visit. Either way, it's disrespectful. To see more of Zak on Ozzy (not related to Elvis) Click  HERE Side note:  MANY people die on the toilet from straining, It's VERY COMMON! But ELVIS DID NOT DIE ON THE TOILET!

Joseph Sher - Holocaust survivor who made outfits for Elvis Presley dies

Joseph Sher, a 100-year-old survivor whose family was murdered in Treblinka, immigrated to the US after WWII, where he became tailor to the stars.Sher's parents and three sisters were murdered at the Treblinka extermination camp during World War II, while he and his two brothers survived, and moved to the US at the end of the war. He was born in Krzepice, a town in southern Poland, and was sent from one labor camp to the next during the war. Joseph Sher, a 100-year-old Holocaust survivor who went on to become a famous tailor and even made outfits for Elvis Presley, passed away earlier this week, media in Louisiana reported on Friday. Y Net News

Baby Girl born with an Elvis Pomp!

Well, she sure is a hunk,hunk of burning love! 28-year-old Mackenzie Kaplan took a photo of her and her daughter two weeks ago and posted it. Well, I will tell you what, I know a few ETA's who are jealous of this head of hair! Turns out her daddy was born with a full head of hair too!

Ozzy Osbourne at Sun Studio

Photo Credit - Sun Studio Ozzy Osbourne and son Jack toured Sun Studio in Memphis this afternoon. Pictured, they are standing in Marion Keisker's office. You know the office where she asked a shy young Elvis who he sounded like and he said, " I don't sound like nobody". Ozzy and Jack have also toured Graceland today. Guess we'll have to wait til Monday to see those pics!

Collecting The King Memorabilia Show - Elvis Week in Memphis

The 24th Annual Collecting The King Memorabilia Show 2016 will be AUGUST 11-12-13-14 at the beautiful Peabody Hotel. Times are 10 am to 6 pm daily with a "Sneak Preview" on AUGUST 10 from 6 pm to 9 pm. For dealer or general information email