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Message From Carole Regarding Myrna Smith

Dear All: Several fans have forwarded me an Email from Myrna's son Martin (& his wife Candy), regarding a January 29, 2011 memorial service for Myrna & thanking fans for helping Myrna. In that Email, they mention me by name & say I have been a valuable friend of the family. I want to make sure you all know I am not involved with them or the memorial. While I think it is nice to have a memorial, it would have meant more if Myrna's relatives had done something while she was alive. The fans did it all. Even after Myrna passed away, there was a standoff between her son & brother which delayed the cremation, but it finally went forward & Myrna's brother took her ashes home. The account at Premier America Credit Union has been closed. The total put into the account was $6,283.60 and the total paid out was $6,294.63 ($5,184.00 to Canyon Oaks for Myrna's care & $1,110.63 to The Alpha Society for cremation, etc.). I think it is amazing that we came w