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Linda Thompson recalls the first candle light vigil for Elvis Presley

In A Little Thing Called Love, Linda Thompson talks about the very first candle light vigil for Elvis. Linda recalls, shortly after the news of Elvis' death and as she began to pack, her power went off. After hearing the news of Elvis' death, her neighbor popped over to check on Linda. Linda asked if the neighbors power was off and it wasn't off. Linda lit candles so she could see as she tried to pack for Elvis' funeral. Linda recalls a few friends coming by, including her work out buddy, Deborah. "Oh how sweet, you're lighting candles for Elvis." Deborah said. Linda said, "Well, not really. I have to see to get ready to fly out of here, and there's no power in my apartment." Linda says it was down right eerie! And as the night wore on, the power remained off without an explanation. Linda says, "I began to consider all the candles for Elvis after all. It was THE first candle light vigil,  a tradition his fans hav

Linda Thompson recalls Elvis reading from the Bible and urinating in a glass at Don Rickles show

In her new book, A Little Thing Called Life, Linda Thompson talks about the time they went to see Don Rickles in Vegas. Linda says Elvis was under the influence of one of his substances that evening. When Rickles introduced Elvis, he went on stage with Don. Linda recalls that Don was taken back but honored until Elvis began, as Linda remembers it, reading from the Bible. She goes on to say Elvis droned on and on for minutes, reading from Corinthians 13 until finally everyone had enough. "Elvis, are we going anywhere with this?" Don finally burst out. "Or are we just jerking off up here?" Needless to say, that comment broke the reverential tone, and cracked the audience up. Linda recalls. "Naw, man I-I-I," Elvis stuttered. "I just wanted to share a little bible wisdom with you all." Elvis leaves the stage to thunderous applause. Linda then recalls what happened when they returned to their seats to watch the rest of Don