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Interview With Roben Jones, Author of The Memphis Boys

Interview with Roben Jones, Author of The Memphis Boys By Megan M. Murphy Tell us about the book.   My book, ''Memphis Boys'', is about the lives and work of the musicians at Chips Moman's American Studios,the Memphis studio that gave the world so many important recordings, including Elvis' famous comeback session in 1969. The book begins around 1964,when the musicians first began working together,and ends in 1972, when Chips moved the studio to Atlanta.   What was the inspiration behind the book?   That can be answered in several ways.The impetus behind my writing it was a conversation with the group's bassist,Mike Leech. Mike knew I loved the group's work and had collected it for years, so he suggested I try documenting their history. It was an honor just to be asked,and certainly the honor of my life to do it.I'd been inspired to collect American Studios recordings in the first place because of the great productions and playing done by Tommy Cogbi

The Estate Of Elvis Presley Vs. Henrik Knudsen & Elvis Unlimited?

Rumor has it....The estate of Elvis Presley has "allegedly" filed   legal action against Henrik Knudsen & his business Elvis Unlimited for his Graceland Randers project dating back to July. The legal action has "allegedly" been extended to February. It will be interesting to see if the project will have to change it's name and/or hand over it's Danish copyright to the estate of Elvis Presley. Or if the entire project will have to be canned. This will be great publicity for the project itself however it all turns out. We wish the unofficial fan club the very best of luck with the project!