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New Jersey Elvis Tribute Show - Jan 18th featuring Mike Moat and the gold reflections - SELLS OUT FAST!

Join the official Elvis Presley fan club of New Jersey at Mike's show. Last year the show was SOLD OUT in advance! Act fast! We look forward to seeing you there! Be prepared for a night of FUN!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope Santa is good to each of you! Enjoy this beautiful day with your family and friends. The new year is just days away, I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year! Be safe Friends! Megan

Chip Esten's Daughter Taylor STOLE the show @ Graceland

Chip Esten's 18 year old daughter, Taylor jumped on stage and sang with her daddy @ Graceland lighting ceremony. Taylor STOLE the show with her amazing voice. She's got her Mama's good looks and her Daddy's pipes! This young lady is talented and bound to be a REAL singer and star. You go girl! TLC!

Chip Esten @ Graceland Lighting Ceremony - WATCH LIVE!

This year Graceland is having a HUNKA HUNKA Burning Love, Baby! Chip Esten, star of ABC's Nashville, also known as MY DEACON:) WATCH HERE Happy Holidays Friends:)

Roland Janes passed away

After a stint in the Marines during the Korean War, Janes settled in Memphis where he started playing for artists at a small recording studio. It was there that he met Jack Clement who brought him to Sam Phillips at Sun Records. Janes became the house guitarist at Sun in 1956, a position he would hold for seven years. His guitar can be heard on the majority of tracks cut by Jerry Lee Lewis, including Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On and High School Confidential, along with other Sun artists like Charlie Rich and Sonny Burgess. He also was a member of Billy Lee Riley's Little Green Men. While still at Sun, Janes and Riley founded their own label, Rita Records, where they had a hit with Harold Dorman's original version of his song Mountain of Love. Janes also opened his own Sonic Studios where he would specialize in recording artists for small, independent labels. The studio stayed open until 1974 when Janes went into a semi-retirement only to reemerge in 1977 as a p

Cee Lo Green's version of Stranger In The Crowd - WWHL

Cee Lo Green would like to spruce up his 2009 version of EP's Stranger in the Crowd which he did for a Coke Ad. LMP talks EP duets correcting Andy that they have been done and confirming the Susan Boyle story. Check out Cee Lo Green's 2009 version of Stranger in the Crowd here:

Lisa Marie on WWHL - Who is RIley dating? And who isn't she dating EVER!

Last night, LMP KILLED it on WWHL with Andy Cohen ! One caller asked LMP if Riley was still engaged to Magic Mike co-star Alex Pettyfer or dating Robert Pattinson . LMP : Well, I'm not going to say who she IS with. BUT I will say who she is NOT with and that’s Robert Pattinson. That was a complete lie. The craziest thing since she & Kristen Stewart are like this (She crosses her fingers) They are like best friends. That is a rumor. I’ll be happy to put that to bed. She never said anything. I was like why don’t you say something! As for the other thing, I can be safe, I don’t know what's happening. I can be safe saying that. Later in the show, Andy returns from a break: I’m in the clubhouse with the lady who owns Graceland, Lisa Marie Presley ! Another caller asks: Lisa, Would you ever let your daughters date a really super over the top mega Elvis fan? LMP : Well, I know my daughter would not go for an over the top Elvis fan. Particularly, I think she’d

Thoughts & Prayers for Tom Salva and family

L to R - Linda, Jamie, Sally, Tom, Roy, and myself Longtime Elvis collector & friend,  Tom Salva has lost his mom this week. Tom is a well respected collector who always makes people laugh with his outgoing personality. Tom is a loyal friend and dedicated family man. Tom's mom & dad were devoted to their family & instilled that in Tom & his family.We are asking that you keep Tom and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Mary (Bates) Salva , 83, passed away on October 8, 2013 at Saint Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. Mary was born September 21, 1930 in Saint Peter's Hospital and spent her entire life in New Brunswick and North Brunswick. She enjoyed spending her summers, with her family, at their house in Midway Beach. Mary graduated from New Brunswick High School. After graduating, she went to work for Bell Telephone as an operator. Mary married Al Salva, her husband of  58 years, and became a housewi

Thank You, Thank You Very Much EPE!

During Elvis Week, I bought this EW 13 t-shirt. It was still in the shopping bag when I unpacked my things in Nashville just after Elvis Week. I took the shirt out to wash and noticed a hole in the back of the shirt. I contacted EPE who immediately responded with apologies. Sadly, they had no more shirts! They were completely SOLD OUT! So now I had to make the choice, return the shirt for a refund or keep the shirt with the hole. I needed to sleep on that one. It was a hard decision because I have every ELVIS WEEK t-shirt since the 10th anniversary. Well, I decided to return it. Maybe it was a sign it was time to stop collecting the shirts. So I went to the post office in Nashville & sent it back to Graceland. And then EPE contacted me, they had gone out of their way to locate another shirt for me. I was beyond happy! And it quickly arrived in the mail via UPS. So I wanted to share this with you all. EPE was extremely helpful, apologized and solved this for me immediately. I know I

Thank You Elvis Friends!

Words can not begin to express my families' gratitude to the Elvis World . Your flowers, mass cards, calls, emails, cards and prayers have uplifted us. You have all stood by me and my family. And I can not thank you enough. I don't use these 3 words often, but I LOVE YOU ALL! It was very hard to watch my father suffer so badly but I am so grateful my brother Michael & I were there to say goodbye, let him know it was ok to go and that we love him always! This is long overdue, I've started this post many times.... it's been difficult these past 6 months but I still want everyone to know we love you and thank you! Your incredible support even now has been overwhelming. I am truly grateful to have you all in my life. I am so blessed. First, my amazing mother whose strength and courage we can only admire. Secondly, my best friend for 25 years, Brian B and his sister Karen who were there for us every step of the way. I can not imagine a day without you, m

NJ News Source on False Priscilla Presley story

Below is a photo of SELF proclaimed cousin of Elvis Presley, "Thomas Presley" who was the source of the false story that Priscilla Presley was coming to Bayonne this past Saturday. Rather than own up to the false story, the Jersey Journal prefers to put the blame on Ms. Presley herself, calling her a NO Show. This has left fans & residents unjustly angry at the widow of Elvis Presley. Good journalists!  Just looking at this....well, as Elvis himself would say FREAK, I get angry! People like this make US Elvis fans look bad. It feeds into the stereotypical image of an Elvis fan. Question: Why would a PRESLEY family member sew a patch announcing he is an alleged Presley on his Hawaiian shirt? The Presley family does NOT present themselves this way! How could ANYONE especially a journalist think Priscilla Presley, one of the classiest women alive would have anything to do with the likes of this CHARACTER? It seems to be an intentional poke at Elvis fans! Printing a story lik

NJ Paper: Priscilla Presley a NO Show but....

Instead of checking their facts before putting Priscilla Presley's photograph on the front cover of their newspaper, they ran a false story! The paper stated, Thomas Presley, Elvis' cousin said Priscilla Presley was coming to town to honor an impersonator who claimed to know both Elvis & Priscilla. Being born & raised in Bayonne & a life long Elvis fan who has met Priscilla numerous times, this was news to me. And laughable! There is NO Thomas Presley! Even family members I contacted, Knew no such person! Although the Jersey Journal & have been informed this story is false. They refuse to own up to bad journalism. And apologizing to Priscilla Presley as well as the fans. Rather than admit they blew it by NOT fact checking, researching this alleged cousin or contacting Priscilla's people or the estate of Elvis Presley, they have chosen to call Priscilla Presley a NO Show! Leaving lots of local people & fans angry at Ms. Presley. This is beyond WRON

Priscilla Presley is NOT coming to Bayonne Today!

The Jersey Journal and have been reporting that Priscilla Presley was coming to Bayonne today. Their source is a so called cousin, Thomas Presley . The article goes on to say Ms. Presley is coming to speak about her "friend" local Elvis impersonator. It claims both Elvis himself & Priscilla were "friends" of the impersonator.Laughable. The Jersey Journal was so bold as to put Priscilla on the cover of their paper this week. Having been involved in the Elvis world over 25 years, I made calls to family & friends of Elvis who verified they NEVER heard of a cousin named Thomas. Secondly, I contacted sources directly connected to the estate & Ms. Presley who told me they know definitely Priscilla Presley will be ELSEWHERE today . This is not anything new. We have been seeing people use Priscilla's name to promote themselves & their businesses in the last few years. It's a disgrace. Advice to "journalists" -

Gordon Stoker Funeral Arrangements

L to R Brett, Jean, Alan and our dear sweet Gordon front   Visitation: Thursday [28th] 6:00 PM-8:00 PM Woodlawn Funeral home. Visitation: Friday [29th] 6:00 PM-8:00 PM Woodlawn Funeral home. Service: Christ Presbyterian Church-Old Hickory Blvd on Saturday [30th] at 2:00 with family visitation 1 hour prior.  

Gordon Stoker Passed Away

Got word from Patsy Andersen a few hours ago, we lost our dear sweet Gordon Stoker. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Heaven is blessed to have his beautiful soul & incredible voice. We were blessed to have him. God bless you Gordon & Thank You for all you have contributed to music.

Visiting Cowboy Jack Clement

Just coming down from a thrilling tribute show honoring Cowboy Jack Clement here in Nashville last week. I visited Cowboy this weekend at the Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa. We got to see his letter from Michelle Obama and so many other well deserved honors! We love you Cowboy! I'll have a full report & pics soon!

Eternally Elvis Tribute show - SOLD OUT!

  click to enlarge SOLD OUT! Standing room only! Thank You New Jersey! Videos, photos & a full wrap up tomorrow! Saturday, January 19th Mike Moat and the Golden Reflections will be doing an Elvis Tribute show at the Paramus Elks Hall in Paramus, NJ. Doors open at 7:30 PM and show starts at 8:20 PM. Come join local Elvis fans from the tri-state area for a night of fun & great music! Mike's band includes a 4 pc horn section. We hope to see many of you there! Mention BackinMemphis for discount tickets @ 20 each! Call: 201-637-1423 or email: Mike Moat

A Tribute to Cowboy Jack Clement - Jan 30

Honoring A Legend, A Tribute to Cowboy Jack Clement will be at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, TN - January 30, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. "Honoring A Legend, A Tribute to Cowboy Jack Clement" will celebrate the remarkable life and legacy of Cowboy Jack as his friends pay homage to his rich musical accomplishments. Featuring artists including Dan Auerbach, Bobby Bare, Marshall Chapman, Rodney Crowell, Jakob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Charley Pride and John Prine. Additional artists to be announced soon! Don't miss this incredible night of music as we celebrate the one and only Cowboy Jack Clement. We've got our tickets! Use the link below to order yours! Buy Tickets

Hayride Voice Frank Page Funeral set for today, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News Funeral arrangements have been set for legendary Shreveport radio broadcaster Frank Page, who died on Wednesday after battling complications with pneumonia. Visitation will be held on Monday, January 14, from 4 - 7 p.m. at Rose Neath Funeral Home at 330 Marshall Street in Shreveport. The funeral will be held on Tuesday, January 15 at the same location. Interment will be at Forest Park Cemetery. Page, who worked in radio for 50 years, is best known was the man who introduced Elvis Presley on the Louisiana Hayride back on October 16, 1954. Page was inducted into the Wall of Fame in Shreveport in 2009. He also was a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Louisiana Broadcasters Hall of Fame, according to members of his family. Page was 87.

Dierks Bentley's Pooch Jake has been found!

Someone on Facebook found Jake & is returning him to Dierks now!

Dierks Bentley's Beloved Pooch Missing!

Attention Nashville: Keep an eye out for a white dog with a red collar! Country artist Dierks Bentley's beloved pooch Jake is missing! Earlier tonight, he hopped a fence during a thunderstorm. Let's pray Jake returns home safe very soon!

Rolling Stone Mag remembers John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson, a guitar player who accompanied Elvis Presley for more than a thousand shows as a member of the TCB Band, died on Friday at the age of 67 after a long battle with cancer, the Associated Press reports. Wilkinson grew up in Springfield, Missouri, watching Presley perform on television. In 1955, when he was ten years old, Wilkinson snuck into the star's dressing room before a concert at Springfield's Shrine Mosque and berated the King for his musicianship. "You can't play guitar worth a damn," the boy said. Wilkinson went on to become an accomplished guitarist, playing in folk groups such as the Kingston Trio and the New Christy Minstrels. Some 13 years after that first meeting in the dressing room, Presley asked Wilkinson to join his backup group, the TCB Band, after seeing the 23-year-old play on television. Over the next nine years, Wilkinson played rhythm guitar for Presley in 1,200 shows, remaining in the TBC Band until the singer's death

Guitarist John Wilkinson passes away

John Richard Wilkinson, 67, a native of Springfield who became Elvis Presley’s rhythm guitar player years after meeting the King at concert at the Shrine Mosque, has died. Wilkinson died after a long battle with cancer, surrounded by family and friends in Springfield. According to his obituary, Wilkinson at the age of 10 sneaked into Elvis’dressing room before a show and told Elvis, “you can’t play guitar worth a damn.” Elvis was amused and impressed and predicted they would meet again. After playing in a high school band called “The Coachmen,” Wilkinson went on to play with such groups as The Kingston Trio, The Goodtime Singers, Greenwood County Singers, and The New Christy Minstrels. He joined Elvis’ band at Presley’s invitation in 1969, according to the obit. Wilkinson played played more than 1,200 shows as Elvis’ rhythm guitar player, right up until Presley’s death in 1977. After that he played less music, and made a living in retail and airline services management. A ser

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Thank You EP for all my friends and family!