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Jo Smith demonstrates how she made Elvis' Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches! (VIDEO)

Elvis Presley will never live down his love of Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches. I have often seen people confuse this sandwich with the Denver Fool's Gold sandwich and come up with some gross versions they swear Elvis ate. Well folks, here it is straight from Elvis' family. Jo Smith demonstrates how she personally made these infamous sandwiches for Elvis himself. And the Smith family still eats them to this day. Just look at that tummy rub and smile, Danny gives after a bite of his Momma's sandwich. I can totally see Elvis reacting that way too. If you are not yet subscribed to Danny's Memphis Mafia Kid channel, please do so! These stories are so personal, sweet and funny. Show your support by sharing the videos and subscribing to his page. You truly will LOVE these stories! You can definitely see Elvis' sense of humor, wit and warmth through his cousins.

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Does Lisa Marie Presley regret selling Elvis Presley's Graceland?

According to TMZ , Lisa Marie is about to file a lawsuit against her former financial managers, claiming they squandered more than $100 million over 10 years, but the company says Lisa Marie is broke because she's a spendthrift. TMZ has obtained a copy of the lawsuit which could be filed as early as today. She claims financial guru Barry Siegel sold 85% of her interest in Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) and then gave the money to Robert F.X. Sillerman as a way of ingratiating himself with the famous investor. She says the investments tanked and left her broke. Among the alleged misdeeds -- Presley says unbeknownst to her Siegel spent $9 million of her money to buy an English estate and couldn't make the balloon payment on the property.  She also says Siegel stopped paying her taxes in 2012 which left her with a tax bill of $7 million. She says as of May 30, 2016, the trust was depleted and only had $14,000 in cash and she had $500,000 in credit card debt.  We're told Sie

Tom Reeder, Former Celeb Security Guard says Elvis Presley was his favorite!

From 1965 to 1994, Tom Reeder , 73, worked for the Saginaw Police Department as an officer and in 1975, Reeder became a detective who frequently got assigned to be a bodyguard to high profile people and celebrities when they came to visit Saginaw. Saginaw Police Chief Bob Ruth said back in the day it was a common practice for officers to help cover events at the former Civic Center, now known as the Dow Event Center. Ruth said the practice stopped about 15 years ago when Saginaw County took over the facility, but every once in a while they'll get a call and help out. Some of the most popular names range from the 41st President George H. W. Bush, Johnny Cash, BB King, Michael Jackson, Richard Nixon, Steve Martin, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and Ronald Reagan. Reeder said he's met dozens of celebrities, but Elvis is his absolute favorite. "Oh man, yeah, and with Elvis I was there all day," Reeder said. "Two days with him on his ai

Elvis Presley and the Blue Moon boys play Oklahoma City - April 19, 1956 (Video)

Elvis Presley and the Blue Moon Boys blaze through the Oklahoma City Auditorium, April 19, 1956. In their prime, Elvis, Scotty Moore, Bill Black and DJ Fontana rock the joint! Dig the footage restored in HD with correct sound from that period. A cover of Ray Charles "I got woman." Footage sourced from the WKY KTVY KFOR Archives from the Oklahoma Historical Society, specifically WKY.

Billy and Jo Smith join Danny to share sweet memories of life with Elvis Presley (Video)

Billy and Jo Smith join their son Danny to share sweet memories of life with Elvis Presley.

Priscilla Presley Pledges her love for Scientology?

Eonline reports.... Despite reports to the contrary, Priscilla Presley has not left the Church of Scientology, her rep confirms to E! News. Over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported that the 72-year-old, who is believed to have been a member of since the death of her ex-husband Elvis Presley, told friends she had quit the controversial religion. But it appears as if the tried and true member has not gone anywhere.   Priscilla Presley's reps to People Mag A rep for the 72-year-old ex-wife of Elvis confirmed to PEOPLE on Sunday that Presley has not left the church, which she has been a member of for decades. BIM: Some media outlets say Lisa left in 2014 while others say 2016. Only Lisa knows.  And she has never officially spoken out.  As I mentioned over the weekend, IF Priscilla were to publicly OUT herself from Scientology, she would have to alienate herself from her family, which are still in Scientology including her granddaughter, Riley Keough.  This is a close

Roy Orbison Hologram heads out on tour while Elvis Hologram is halted - Pre-Order tickets in the UK

In a first-of-its-kind event, Roy Orbison In Dreams: The Hologram UK Tour will see Roy Orbison in holographic form perform his biggest hits across the UK backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  in this transformative live entertainment concert experience. What is the future of the Elvis hologram?  Click Here Pre-sale tickets are available here from Wednesday 25th October :  Buy Tickets HERE In the meantime, be sure to check out the new book by Roy's Boys!  Click HERE to buy Pre-Order HERE - Available November 3rd Check it out below:

Mr. Nashville interviews fashion Icon - Manuel Cuevas (VIDEO)

Mr. Nashville , talks to Fashion Icon, the man behind all the Rhinestone Cowboys, the legendary Manuel Cuevas ! Manuel discusses his fame, his inspiration, his admiration of the music industry and love of new young designers. Manuel’s clients have included Elvis, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Porter Wagoner, Dottie Rambo, Johnny Cash, Britney Spears, Kesha, Marty Stuart, Jack White, The Beatles, Loretta Lynn, Little Richard, Aerosmith, Emmylou Harris, Kid Rock, The Rolling Stones, Burt Reynolds, Robert Redford, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Spacey, President Ronald Reagan and thousands of others! Subscribe to Mr Nashville's page!

Elvis Presley's Cousins Billy and Jo Smith remember Elvis helping name their son - SO SWEET! (Video)

This week, Billy and Jo Smith, Elvis Presley 's cousins join their son Danny on his youtube channel , Memphis Mafia Kid where Danny tells stories about growing up at Graceland with Elvis. This week, they tell a SWEET story how Elvis helped named Danny and much more. I won't spoil it. Listen for yourself. It's really touching and so sweet! Subscribe to Danny's channel by clicking the link below: Memphis Mafia Kid  And for much more, join us on Facebook by clicking the link below:  BackinMemphis  

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Rebecca Jed and The Bucksnort Beauties - Cockadoodledoo

Rebecca Jed and The Bucksnort Beauties - Cockadoodledoo Love, Love, LOVE Them! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ Hope to see them at Nashville Boogie Fest ! This one will stick in your head, for sure! Check them out on Facebook by clicking the links below! Rebecca Jed Bucksnort Beauties

14 year old Owen Mac rendition of Elvis Presley's A Fool Such As I will give you GOOSE BUMPS!

14 year old Owen Mac is fast becoming Ireland's newest Country Music SUPERSTAR! This young man is refreshing. What a great role model for young adults. Most young men desiring a music career today, either wear their pants around their ankles and try to gain fame by behaving badly or they wear skinny jeans and rap in their songs claiming it is country. That's not the case with Owen. He truly loves Country Music! And that is very apparent in his music. He loves many Irish Country Artists such as Big Tom and Jimmy Buckley. He also loves Gene Watson . What did I tell you? Huh? This young man is not only talented, he's got good taste too! This rendition of Elvis Presley's A Fool Such As I gave me goose bumps. Owen does not try to sound like Elvis. He sings the song in his own way which is gorgeous. And let me just add, Owen sings various country songs. He is a TRUE country artist. That's hard to find these days. This young man is on his way to being a h

Jeff Burton - son of Guitarist James Burton released from hospital!

Update on Jeff Burton - From The Burtons MIRACLES DO HAPPEN TODAY ✝️ ✝️ ✝️ ✝️ ✝️ ✝️ JESUS said, if you ask for ANYTHING in MY NAME,I will do it for you! John 14:13 TODAY JEFF WAS RELEASED from the hospital to come home in Nashville as an outpatient at Vanderbilt. Sept 1,2017 we were told he had 1 hour to live and then the next day he had 1 day to live. Now they tell us if he can get better he can get on the transplant list in 6 months. He is still very fragile but getting better everyday πŸ˜‡ He is a MIRACLEMAN ✝️ I have to give all credit to GOD because he heard so many prayers with FAITH for Jeff. Thank You All For the ❤️ You have shown us πŸ™   The Jeff Burton Family BIM : Please continue to pray for Jeff and the Burton family!

Broadway Producer wins lawsuit regarding Elvis Hologram

Darren Bagert Pulse Evolution , the digital production firm was found guilty of breach of contract on October 12, and was reportedly ordered to pay $524,196 to Tony-winning Dear Evan Hansen producer Darren Bagert. The 90-minute musical was to be centered on a lifelike hologram of Presley, which Pulse was to create . Bagert had been brought on to manage the project, which was budgeted between $15 to $25 million. He worked to build out the production's financials, hand-pick the creative team and seek investors. In exchange, Pulse was to provide Bagert "advances against a production fee tied to the budget of the show, a slice of the net profits, and 200,000 shares of its common stock." After Bagert completed his pre-production efforts, Pulse made a new partnership with American Idol creator Simon Fuller , who became Pulse's biggest shareholder and was made responsible for shepherding the Presley musical. Bagert worked on the show further on his own, but h

Barbara Eden says Elvis Presley was a VERY GOOD ACTOR!

Fox News - Barbara Eden enchanted audiences across the country with a nod and a blink in the beloved ‘60s sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie” — and 47 years later, she’s still celebrated as a beloved TV icon. The 86-year-old was recently honored by the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation at the Giants of Broadcasting Luncheon for her decades-long career in film and television. But don’t expect Eden to sit back and enjoy her success. She has never stopped working and still headlines shows both in the United States and abroad. Simply put, this genie has been long out of the bottle and doesn’t have any plans to vanish in a cloud of smoke. Eden spoke with Fox News about her favorite memories on set, what her life is like these days. Mostly importantly, her impression of Elvis Presley after working with him on the film, Flaming Star. Fox News : You previously starred in the 1960 film ‘Flaming Star’ alongside Elvis Presley. What was your impression of Elvis? Eden : H

Elvis Biopic CANCELLED - Thanks to Harvey Weinstein!

THR reports Apple has scrapped plans for a 10-part Elvis biopic produced by The Weinstein Co. Sources tell THR that the miniseries was one of four projects that the tech giant had in the works via a larger deal with TWC that predated the arrivals of Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht to oversee Apple's entry into high-end scripted originals. The others were said to be eight- to 10-episode minis revolving around Michael Jackson, Prince and Frank Sinatra. The Elvis project was the only one of the four that was anywhere near close to going into production. A writer and star had not been attached. The news comes a day after The Weinstein Co. co-founder Harvey Weinstein was fired from the company following allegations of decades-long sexual harassment. Elvis, first announced in September 2016, was to be produced by TWC in partnership with the estate of the late rock 'n' roll icon. The estate allowed producers access to Presley's entire music catalog and to fil

Danny Smith - Memphis Mafia Kid - Stories growing up with his cousin Elvis Presley at Graceland - NEW Youtube Channel

Billy and Jo Smith's Oldest Son and Elvis' Second Cousin, Danny has started a youtube page called Memphis Mafia Kid. Danny will share stories of what it was like to grow up as a kid at Graceland and be related to Elvis. He is also happy to answer questions presented by fans. Please check it out or even subscribe to his youtube channel by clicking above.

Tom Diskin Letter regarding Elvis Presley's Wedding to Priscilla on MGM Letter Head

Tanya Tucker - facetiming with Glen Campbell and her New Single dedicated to Glen (Video)

Tanya Tucker opens up about life with her ex, Glen Campbell and why she felt compelled to record her latest single "Forever Loving You," a portion of its' proceeds will go to the Alzeheimer's Foundation of America. Click Here to get Tanya's Tribute Song to Glen Campbell “I’m just devastated. Absolutely devastated. It’s been so hard these past several years knowing what he’s been going through. My heart just breaks. Glen and I shared some incredible, precious memories together for a long time. There were some ups and downs and, of course, all the downs were played out in the press. We both got past all that. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing. It’s why I’m releasing “Forever Loving You” in memory of Glen and for all of those who are losing or have lost someone they love. I’ll forever love you, Glen.” A portion of the proceeds from “Forever Loving You” will benefit the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, a non-profit organization which provides programs an

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Legionnaires Outbreak at Graceland causes 9 outbreaks, 3 Lawsuits and 1 DEATH

WREG has confirmed that a Kentucky woman died from Legionnaires’ Disease days after staying at the Guest House at Graceland. Linda “Gail” Godsey, 62, died on June 21 . She and three family members stayed at the Guest House from June 10-13. BIM: The pool was NOT CLOSED until June 27th. The coroner of Breathitt County, Kentucky told WREG the medical examiner listed Legionnaires’ as the cause of death on Gail’s autopsy. Three other family members got sick on the same trip and tell WREG they tested positive for Legionnaires’.  See the Court Documents by Clicking HERE  A Florida family is suing Elvis Presley Enterprises after a recent outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. The suit, filed July 18 in Shelby County Circuit Court, alleges that Douglas and Marisol Johnson, of Miami Lakes, Florida , checked into the Guest House at Graceland on June 4 while traveling with family and stayed at the hotel for three nights. According to the suit, the plaintiffs came into c

Is Lisa Marie Presley back in Scientology? Did The Church finance the new Graceland Complex?

So while looking for The Presley Charitable Foundation links, I stumbled upon the above on Lisa's page. In 2012,  “Lisa Marie removed all mention of Scientology from her website , and the lyrics to some of her songs have caused major speculation that she’s cut off all communication with the church,” revealed a source. But it's there and the links go directly to Scientology: That link takes you directly here: CCHR was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus Dr. Thomas Szasz at a time when patients were being warehoused in institutions and stripped of all constitutional, civil and human rights. And from there to here: As part of their religious Code, Scientologists pledge “to expose and help abolish any and all physically damagin

Lisa Marie Presley's Rep denies any wrong doing in latest Charity Accusation

The National Enquirer is reporting, The Presley Foundation , run by The King’s only child, had $26 in the bank to accomplish its mission of providing low-cost housing and helping the poor! “Elvis’ daughter has made a horrible mess of things,” snitches the informant. “She has sullied her father’s name and is destroying his charities!” In 2005, Lisa Marie sold 85 percent of her stake in Graceland and Elvis’ possessions for $100 million, but kept 15 percent of the empire. Sources say under Lisa Marie’s guidance the Presley Foundation had only $26 in cash despite $112,000 in assets, according to tax filings, while the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation had only $59,588 in the till. A rep for Lisa Marie denies any wrong doing. But the family friend insists she’s at the center of the chaos. A search for Presley Charities brings you to this page, Presley Charity Foundation which is down. The links on Lisa Marie' s page do not work either, Lisa Marie Presley - Philanthrop

Update on Jeff Burton - Son of Elvis Presley's Guitarist, James Burton moved to Rehab and still critical - Please continue to PRAY

9/13/17  UPDATE: JEFF BURTON PRAISE UPDATE: What is impossible with man is POSSIBLE WITH GOD LUKE 18:27 Jeff was transferred from Vanderbilt CCU to Green Hills Rehab Room 111   1 GOD THE FATHER 1. GOD THE SON 1. GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT They say he is still critical and not out of the woods but on the edge of the forest.   You all are the most Powerful prayer warriors I have ever heard of. I know you all ask all your prayer groups which are all POWERFUL to pray also but as a team who is in agreement around the world you are totally amazing. IT IS A GOD THINGπŸ˜‡ You know that PRAYER WITH FAITH WORKS We have NO words that can express our complete appreciation. You have prayed for our son like you would pray for your own son. ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️ Please keep praying for a complete healing spirituallly and medically. We have had prayer warriors come and help us cast out demons in his hospital rooms and GOD came with his white angels to protect Jeff. ✝️ We are baby stepping one day at a tim

Priscilla Presley 1973 Interview on Divorcing Elvis Presley - AUDIO

Sandra Shevey interviewed Priscilla for the August 1973 issue of Ladies' Home Journal. It was the first time the magazine sold out during the month it was published and had to run a second printing. The interview Mrs Presley's was the first after the divorce proceedings had begun between her and Elvis Presley and was conducted at her apartment in Marina Del Rey.  It is unique in its simplicity and the subtext of the liberation of a child bride, married to a superstar who left her on her own for a major part of the marriage. The interview conveys a feeling of celebration as Priscilla Presley has now embarked upon a new chapter and is charting her own destiny.

Death confirmed at Elvis Presley's Guesthouse at Graceland from Legionaires Disease

WREG has confirmed that a Kentucky woman died from Legionnaires’ Disease days after staying at the Guest House at Graceland . Linda “Gail” Godsey, 62, died on June 21. She and three family members stayed at the Guest House from June 10-13. The coroner of Breathitt County, Kentucky told WREG the medical examiner listed Legionnaires’ as the cause of death on Gail’s autopsy . Three other family members got sick on the same trip and tell WREG they tested positive for Legionnaires’. The family filed a lawsuit in Davidson County Circuit Court last Thursday. The lawsuit alleges the Guest House at Graceland didn't properly maintain its water systems, which led to the Legionnaires' outbreak. "She loved to adventure into new places and see news things and that was one of the things we decided to do," said Godsey's daughter Chrisandrea. They picked the hotel based on positive reviews and because it was relatively new, she said. "There`s a lot of histor

Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry killed in a NJ helicopter crash - (video) of Troy at Elvis Week with Cody Slaughter

New Daisy Theatre on Beale Street in Memphis, Elvis Week 2014. It is with great sadness that we confirm that Troy Gentry, half of the popular country duo, Montgomery Gentry, was tragically killed in a helicopter crash which took place at approximately 1:00pm today in Medford, New Jersey. The duo was scheduled to perform tonight at the Flying W Airport & Resort in Medford. Troy Gentry was 50 years old. Details of the crash are unknown. Troy Gentry's family wishes to acknowledge all of the kind thoughts and prayers, and asks for privacy at this time. (From their website) Gone too soon! Please Pray for Troy's family and friends at this time. God Bless and watch over them during this difficult time!

Elvis Presley's Original Knabe White Piano to return to Graceland in December - Check out the VIP package

Elvis in the music room at Graceland in 1965 featuring the original white baby grand piano -- one of the most significant pieces of Elvis' musical history -- which will be returning to the Mansion as the finishing touch on a completely restored, 1960s-era music room to be unveiled December 16th as part of Graceland's first-ever holiday concert weekend. MEMPHIS, Tenn.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Elvis Presley's Graceland has announced the acquisition of one of the most significant pieces of Elvis’ musical history, which will be returned to Graceland 60 years after it was first purchased by Elvis for the home in 1957 – a white, baby grand piano with gold accents and a custom-made, gold, metal bench designed by Elvis with a white, leather cushion. For the first time ever, the public will be able to see this legendary Knabe (/nΓ€b/) branded piano on display in its Graceland home. The music room at Graceland will be restored to its original 1960s-era appearance including the white

Update on James Burton's son Jeff - Making baby steps but needs a Liver Transplant - Please Pray!

"It's been a roller coaster ride here but Jeff turned from going downward to baby stepping up. YOUR PRAYERS WITH FAITH ARE WORKING! He has a long way to go and GOD is in control. Jeff still needs a Liver transplant ASAP. We are still taking one day at a time. I heard that Mayo Clinic in Milwaukee has artificial and pig livers for transplants. Does anyone know anything about these transplants. Please let us know. Please pray for the medical team here and that GOD gives them compassion and knowledge to heal Jeff. Jeff told the doctors he wants to LIVE! BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!" The Jeff Burton Family

Here's What Priscilla Presley's son and Lisa Marie Presley's Brother thinks of Elvis Presley Fans.....

Brothers and sisters fight, we say stupid things to each other but when the smoke settles, we move on. We will always love our brothers and sisters no matter what. Lisa and Navarone are no different. But when I read these comments above about Elvis Presley fans , it made me wonder..... So much of it sounds like what many of us have been speculating about the NEW "EPE" and Weinshaky recently said similar in an interview with Variety magazine. So, my question is IF Priscilla's son feels this way and the owner of EPE feels this way, why are we still giving them our money? I think Navarone is a talented young man on his own and his words about his sister are unkind and hurtful. Especially wishing her dead. Saying it on social media and then telling people, it's none of their business is a bit hypocritical. And above all childish. But as I said, siblings fight and these two will make up and go on with life. That's what family does. So for me, that's not

Elvis Presley's Circle G Ranch - Drone Footage and more!

The Spa Guy Visiting Elvis Presley's Circle G Ranch in Walls, Mississippi telling the story of the Ranch and flying the Glory as well.It's 30 minutes of good research and hard work!

Elvis Presley arrives in Hawaii for Girls! Girls! Girls! Location Filming, 1962 (RARE VIDEO)

Elvis arriving in Hawaii to do location footage for "Girls! Girls! Girls! 1962.

James Burton's son Jeff in need of a liver and kidney transplant - Family asks for Prayers!

  September 2 - "Update from the Burton's.. .They are not going to give Jeff a liver & kidney transplant. If ANYONE knows where we can take him or knows anyone at Vanderbilt that can help us to change their minds please contact them!!! We are asking for worldwide prayer from all of our prayer warriors for Jeff. They said he would die in about 2 or 3 days without a transplant. PLEASE pray that God takes his body and heals it. We could use some prayer warriors and the healers to come pray with us at the hospital. I feel like laying on of hands would help him too. Needless to say that we are turning all of it over to GOD. He is the healer! Please pray with FAITH. Jeff does not want to die! More information as it becomes available. On behalf of the entire Burton family...Thank you and God bless you!!!"  Previous Updates: "On behalf of the Burton's we are calling on all prayer warriors all over the world and asking for urgent prayers for their son Jeff.

EPE plans a NEW Concert Venue - Get Ready for More Fees and Price Hikes!

Get ready folks to shell out EVEN More Money when visiting Graceland! According to The Memphis Biz Journal , " EPE is planning a permanent concert venue that would be the second-largest in Shelby County. Initial plans call for a $40 million to $50 million, 6,200-seat facility with a half-arena format and light and sound technology to host concerts, graduations and basketball tournaments. With that seat count, if it's an indoor facility, the Graceland arena would fall between the 20,000-seat FedExForum and 2,500-seat Orpheum, said Jay Campbell, a transaction law attorney and partner in charge of the Memphis office of Adams and Reese, on behalf of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE). The outdoor Mud Island Amphitheater has about 5,000 seats. Based on conversations with LiveNation and other concert promoters, EPE estimates it can bring at least 50 events each year to the new venue. When EPE approached the Memphis City Council in 2014 about transforming its campus (