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Joe Esposito - Elvis Presley's Road Manager Passes Away

Joe Esposito, Elvis Presley's road manager and one of his most loyal friends has passed away on November 23, 2016. Joe was not only a longtime and fiercely loyal friend To Elvis Presley, he also was a friend to Elvis' millions of fans around the world. After Elvis' passing, Joe was actively keeping Elvis' legacy alive traveling around the world to Elvis fan club conventions. He was also very active in the media sharing positive stories about the king of Rock n Roll. As well as defending Elvis whenever needed. Joe would go head to head with anyone disrespecting Elvis Presley. We will share some of these on the BackinMemphis Facebook page. Esposito was often a guest at Graceland in Memphis, TN for Elvis Week. Joe has written numerous books on Elvis Presley. All of Joe's books are positive, honest and from the heart. He was also a frequent guest on SiriusXM Elvis Radio sharing Elvis stories.  Joe will truly be missed by millions of Elvis fans who got to know him and ca