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New Limited Edition Elvis Barbie

She has vintage Priscilla Presley hair, and her clothing style is 52 years old, but "Elvis Barbie" is brand new. With her familiar posable body, Barbie is decked out in the famous gold lamé suit designed for Elvis by Hollywood tailor Nudie Cohn. It became one of Elvis' signature looks and the cover of his 1959 album 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong. Elvis later declared the suit was too hot to wear on stage and wore the jacket with black slacks. The Barbie version of Elvis is being released in early July, and Graceland has ordered 250 of the $34.95 collector dolls from toy maker Mattel. "We anticipate they will be here by the weekend, and we will immediately post on when the shipment arrives," said Graceland spokeswoman Alicia Dean. Graceland marketing vice president Scott Williams said Elvis paid $10,000 for the gold lamé suit. The tailor, flamboyant Russian immigrant Nudie Cohn, also was widely known as tailor to singer Hank Williams, Ro

Joe Esposito's Wife Martha Needs Our Help & Support!

Martha & Joe Everyone knows Joe Esposito as Elvis Presley's personal friend, best man at his wedding, and road manager. Joe is also a beloved member of our Elvis family. Joe's darling wife Martha has battled cancer. And unfortunately, it has returned. Anyone who has undergone Cancer treatments or watched a love one fight cancer knows how costly treatment can be. And much of Martha's very expensive treatments are not covered by insurance. We know what a kind, generous man Elvis Presley was, and if he was still with us, he would do anything to help Joe & Martha. So my friends, I am asking you to help in any way possible, either through prayer and positive thoughts for Joe & Martha. Or if you can, please make a donation. We have listed the link for donations below. The Talbot Family Foundation is accepting TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations for Martha's treatments. Joe is also planning an event in Vegas for Martha's treatment. Having watched my own mother battl

Elvis Collector Jim E Curtin Passes Away

Jim E Curtin The name Jim E Curtin is well known in the Elvis world not only as a super collector but also as an entertainer and author. Jim is said to have known Elvis Presley from 1970 to 1977. He began his tribute show to Elvis in 1975. Elvis is said to have given him a jumpsuit. Jim shakes Elvis Presley's hand In the early ‘70s, after spending his adolescence fanatically collecting virtually every Presley recording, foreign and domestic, Curtin, by then in his early 20s, decided he had to meet Elvis. He knew he needed a special plan, so he saved every cent he could from his job in a grocery store, and ordered a $2,000 custom-made Gibson guitar, which had "Elvis Presley" and two crowns inscribed on the fretboard. Then, in September 1974, he bought two plane tickets to Las Vegas, one for him and one for the guitar. After spending a week in the Las Vegas and attending all of Presley’s shows at the Hilton (often paying the maitre d’ up to $200 for a front row s

Elvis Live Live Live - Volume 2 Due Out Next Month

Elvis Live Live Live - Volume 2 Messiah Productions presents Elvis Live Live Live Volume 2: The Cincinnati Special plus the main attraction Elvis On Tour and That's The Way It Is Out-takes in perfect quality. The DVD includes Johnny B. Goode complete version...Always On My Mind with different camera angles and see Elvis walk out of the studio, an outstanding never released version of Words and the complete Fort Dix farewell interview. There's more...80 minutes of Elvis in Cincinnati on March 21, 1976, both the afternoon and evening performances with 30 minutes of unreleased footage from the two shows. If that's not enough a bonus CD of rare tracks with many unreleased versions  come one and all to the video and audio event of the year. This DVD / CD project is a limited edition....Get one while they last ! Bonus CD Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall - undubbed master She Thinks I Still Care - unedited undubbed master The Last Farewell - False start, undubbed maste

Mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus detected near downtown Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) - The next time you go outside near downtown Memphis, be sure to wear plenty of mosquito repellent. The Shelby County Health Department is urging caution after mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus were recently discovered near downtown Memphis. "It is a disease which can cause infection in the brain, and that is very serious," said Dr. Daniel Sprenger, manager of the Shelby County Health Department's Vector Control program. According to Sprenger, mosquitoes with the virus have been found at a home in the 38126 zip code. "It appears to be a typical outbreak at this point," he said. "It doesn't seem to have any unique characteristics." Since April, Vector Control has been spraying areas in the 38126 zip code, applying insecticides where mosquito breeding has occurred - especially near standing bodies of water. "I don't believe the flood has anything to do with it," Sprenger said. "Actua

Cowboy Jack Clement Survives Horrific Fire @ His Belmont Home

Again, please keep Cowboy and his family in your thoughts and prayers. They are still in shock but very grateful no one was hurt. Jack's daughter Alison says , " We will rebuild the house that Jack built!" Here's a recent photo of "happier times" when Cowboy was performing here in NYC two months to the day of the fire. Great smiles....great memories....and we wish much more of that for Cowboy and Aileen! L to R - Aileen, Megan, Brian B, and Cowboy @ Joe's Pub NYC  April 25, 2011 We love you Cowboy!

Michael Jackson Shirt Worn During Interview With Then Wife Lisa Marie Presley Sold!

A burgundy silk long-sleeve button front shirt customized with black silk armband on right arm, triple seven metal charms sewn onto epaulets, and eagle over unicorn crest buttons, buttons at cuffs now absent. The shirt was worn by Michael Jackson during his 1995 television interview with then wife Lisa Marie Presley and Diane Sawyer. Sold for 16,000 (without buyer's premium)

Michael Jackson's Thriller Jacket Sold for 1.8 Million Dollars!

Michael Jackson's THRILLER jacket just sold for 1.8 Million US Dollars (including buyer's premium). A man named Milton Verret from Texas bought it. He also owns Michael Jackson's BAD jacket. He intends to bring the jacket to various children's hospitals across the United States to inspire the children. It will first be displayed at Dell's Children's Hospital in Austin, Texas. This Music Icons auction took place this weekend through Julien's Auctions - THE very best Auction house! Some proceeds from the sale of this jacket will benefit The Shambala Preserve. It is at The Shambala Preserve that Jackson’s two Bengal tigers, Thriller and Sabu, have been living since 2006 when Jackson left Neverland Ranch. Shambala translates to “a meeting place of peace and harmony for all beings, animal and human.” The Shambala Preserve is under the financial arm of The Roar Foundation, Founded by Tippi Hedren in 1983. It is a sanctuary that has been rescuing big cats sinc

Fire @ Cowboy Jack Clement's Home

This afternoon I got a very upsetting call that Cowboy Jack Clement's home and recording studio had a fire. But the good news is Cowboy, his family (including his cats) and employeess are all safe. "Thank you all for the love today. Seeing my Daddy watch his house burn down was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Seeing my Daddy free from harms way was the biggest blessing of my life. Everyone is safe, including the pets. His guitars were saved, a procession of 7 firemen rescued arms full of gold records and awards. The outpouring of love and respect for my father was humbling and beautiful. Thank you all." Alison Clement I'll bring you more on this story. In the meantime, please keep Cowboy and his family in your thoughts and prayers. We love you Cowboy! Back In Memphis Interview WIth Cowboy @ his Nashville home. Cowboy Jack Clement @ Million Dollar Quartet on Broadway The Nashville Fire Department believes an electrical fire that began in wiring ins

Elvis' Memphis Mafia Member Sonny West Hospitalized

Elvis & Sonny "Yesterday Katrina and I drove to Nashville to check on Sonny at the hospital. When we arrived we were distressed to see him. His color was gray, he had many cuts and abrasions and bruises and his hands, feet and legs were very swollen. His spleen was lacerated and his heart was not functioning normally. He is on oxygen and was in a lot of pain. The dr ordered a CT scan and afterward came in to speak with us. Sonny had blood clots in his lungs (pulmonary emboli) and in his legs. It was urgent that a Vena Cava Filter be put in place to prevent more clots from entering his lungs or his heart. We prayed with him, consent forms were signed and he was taken down. The procedure was performed immediately and his color began to improve. We were able to talk with him more until he asked for more pain meds. He is not out of the woods yet. The dr is unable to put him on blood thinner due to the spleen as a spleen bleed could be fatal, as could the clots. There is a po

Michael Jackson - Remembering The King of Pop!

Elvis, In the Beginning (Mr. Dynamite) Pre-Order This new Release Now!

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Apollo Acquistion of CKX Right On Track

The $5.50 per-share deal is expected to close within weeks after the private equity firm received commitments from shareholders owning more than 75 percent of CKx. NEW YORK - American Idol owner CKx Inc. said Thursday that private equity firm Apollo Global Management has successfully completed an initial tender offer for company shares for $5.50 per share in cash, leaving the acquisition on track to close within several weeks.

 Apollo has received commitments to sell stock from shareholders representing a stake of about 75.5 percent in the company in its tender offer, including stakes that largest shareholder and former chairman Robert Sillerman and affiliates are expected to contribute, CKx said. When the Sillerman stake and a stake held by Priscilla Presley are contributed, which is expected to happen later this month, the merger will be considered adopted. 

The initial offering period for the acquisition of stock by Apollo expired Wednesday at midnight EST.

 Now, Apollo i

Elvis & Johnny Cash Sing Off on CMT's Next Superstar Finale

Viewers were in for a special treat during the finale of the music competition series "CMT’s Next Superstar." The final two contestants, Matt Mason and Steven Clawson, opened the show with a sing-off medley of songs by Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley! Hits covered by the singers included "Jailhouse Rock," "Trouble," "Walk The Line," "Ring Of Fire," and "Blue Suede Shoes." Watch their performances! At the end of the show, it was announced that Matt Mason had received the most votes from fans and he was crowned "CMT’s Next Superstar." In May, the final five contestants headed to Memphis for a special episode at Elvis Presley's Graceland! The contestants took part in a photo shoot on the mansion property. The images will be used as album covers for the singers' upcoming releases.

Elvis Presley - Young Man With The Big Beat

Elvis Presley - Young Man With The Big Beat Available Everywhere September 2011 This 55th anniversary 5-CD super deluxe set celebrates Elvis Presley's explosive 1956 RCA debut that changed the world of popular music forever! It befittingly takes its title from RCA's very first Elvis poster campaign for his legendary debut album ELVIS PRESLEY. THIS SUPER DELUXE EDITION CELEBRATES 1956 in style with this retro 12x12 format and includes: 5 CDs comprising all the 1956 RCA masters (digitally remastered,) Live performances including a previously unreleased live show, outtakes and rare interviews. 80 Page 12" x 12" book with 12-month day-by-day chronology, rare memorabilia, photos, artifacts and documents. Memorabilia envelope with reproductions of posters, ticket stubs & photos Exclusive item with your order: 7" vinyl of Elvis' very first RCA EP - RCA EPA 747  Source: Sony Music NYC

Steve Popovich Legendary Music Industry Executive Passes Away at 68

Steve Popovich & Steve Popovich Jr.  It is with deep sadness, we report the passing of Steve Popovich. The legendary music executive passed away at the young age of 68. Our condolences go to Steve Popovich Jr and his family. Steve Jr. produces Cowboy Jack Clement's SiriusXM show which is now in it's 7th year. Please keep Steve and the Popovich family in your thoughts & prayers. Steve Popovich, a veteran music-industry executive who ran Cleveland International Records and who was based here for much of his storied career, had numerous claims to fame. The biggest was his key role in one of the best-selling albums of all time, Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out of Hell.” Popovich died Wednesday morning at his apartment in Murfreesboro, Tenn. He was 68. The cause of death has not been determined, according to his son, Steve Popovich Jr. Popovich was a music-industry insider, but also a working-class maverick who worked outside the corporate system. He played a vital role in th

Brandon & The Stunning Cunning Band 8 PM Tonight & Tomorrow @ Blues City Cafe on Beale!

If you're in Memphis this weekend, and looking for a GREAT Rockabilly show, head on down to Blues City Cafe on Beale St to see Brandon's Stunning Cunning Band perform. Blues City Cafe 138 Beale St Memphis, Tn 901-526-3637

I'm Back!

Well, Presley has been manning the fort while I was on the west coast. Lots of interviews & news coming soon! Check back tomorrow for some REALLY cool stuff!