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Hank Williams is inspiration for Nashville's Deacon says Chip Esten

The Washington Post's Helena Andrews spoke with 'Nashville' actor, Chip Esten while in town for the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner last Saturday, May 3, 2014. They talked about many topics. But what I found most interesting was that Esten says Hank Williams is his inspiration for his character, Deacon Claybourne . Who is your favorite country music singer? Hank Williams. He just set the template and unfortunately set the template for some of those demons I was talking about, but what he was able to do was to take his pain and put it in a song that can tear you up or it can lift you. It’s hard to get better than Hank. So would you say he was your inspiration for “Deacon”? Hank Williams is absolutely one of the people who inspires the character of Deacon, and not just him, but his songs. Those songs come from a real true place. That’s something about the best of country music, they’re very soul baring. Hank was one of the first to star

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